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New Moon in Taurus : A Celebration of How Far You've Come

The New Moon in Taurus arrives on 8 May at 1.21 pm AEST.


Taurus is the sustainer of the Zodiac. It has the commitment and stamina to follow things through. Taurus encourages us to build and create something that is sustainable for us and us alone, but that through the abundance we create for ourselves, we are able to share with others. Taurus also likes comfort and pleasure and understands that their commitment and stamina is what fortifies the pleasure and abundance they experience in their life.


Taurus also rules the 2nd House of the Zodiac: our resources, our time, our energy, what we value, and how we value ourselves.


Is how you're investing your money, time, and energy in alignment with the things you say you value?


Often when we examine these things, they're not.


With this new moon in Taurus, the area of our chart containing Aries and Taurus continue to be packed. We have the Sun and the Moon sitting between a conjunction with Venus and a conjunction with Uranus and Jupiter, all in Taurus. Last time I spoke about taking the big bold scary step that you know deep down needed to happen. Now, we are being invited to celebrate and relish in how far we've come with every step we've taken, no matter how big or small.


Pluto in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Taurus and there might be something random or unconventional coming to the surface - either revelations, ideas, information, it could be anything, really, particularly in the area of your chart/life containing Taurus.

Sending you love and New Moon Blessings.

x Eloise

*If you want to find out exactly how this is showing up in your chart, download my Rising Signs + Working With The Moon PDF

Artwork by @moonjube

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