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Meet Eloise

Multi-Disciplinary Teacher + Certified Transformational Coach

Hi! Thank you so much for being here.  

If you've found yourself on this page my guess is it's for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your interest was piqued from something you saw online somewhere

  • You're wanting to make changes in your life because how things currently are isn't working for you

  • Everything feels a bit blah and you're looking to tap into more joy and confidence

  • You know you want something different, but you don't have the clarity to know exactly what it is

  • You have clarity but you can't seem to make it happen - either getting started, or keeping the momentum going

  • You're fed up with feeling like your needs aren't met in your relationships

  • You feel lost and disconnected from yourself and like you don't know who you are.

I have been all of those things;  from losing myself in the corporate hustle chasing material success, a string of toxic relationships and a rollercoaster dating cycle to breaking free and living a life of freedom and confidence on my own terms where I get to create the experiences and relationships that I want to have.

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What I've found is that your external reality is a mirror of your inner reality so everything starts with you.  Which is great news because that's the one thing that you have control over.... if you're willing to do the work. 

It hasn't always been pretty and I've reinvented myself time and time again as I've followed my heart into my purpose and picked up many skills and modalities along the way from movement (Pilates and Yoga), Meditation, Sound Healing, Energy Healing, Astrology, Psychology, Coaching, Somatic therapies, systems of the body, and so much more.

I am currently based in Brisbane, Australia and work with 1 on 1 clients all over the world supporting them to create the life they dream of, just like I have.


I also run events online and in person, as well as weekly talks on the Insight Timer meditation app.

Recoding Love : A 12 Week Group Program

A 12 week group container of healing, reprogramming, and removing barriers to love so you can experience deeper connections, and more fulfilling relationships.

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