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Breakthrough Session

The breakthrough you've been looking for

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 222 Australian dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

A three-month coaching container isn't for everyone and sometimes you just need an SOS or a little help to get started on your goals, kick start the change-train, or a tune up if you're a former client. These sessions are super powerful as we get to the emotional and somatic root of your blocks, not just the surface-mental level. No issue is to big or small - sometimes it looks like: ~Getting clarity, and mapping out a strategic plan to reach your goals ~Clearing blocks that have been holding you back from taking action (hint: there's usually a deeper reason why you're not sticking to your goals), and working on an action plan from this place of clear intention ~Processing deep unresolved emotions that are holding you back from feeling free and empowered to just fucking go for itttttt! ~Chipping away at the unworthiness narrative that are keeping you stuck in relationships that aren't aligned so you can claim everything you desire and more. Client Wins Erica found her lack of motivation was because of a story she had adopted in childhood. Since we cleared it through a somatic process, she has been able to take consistent action on her health goals and is #winning. Rachel wanted to revive her biz and after looking at her vision and goals, we set her a target to sign up 3 new clients in the next 30 days. She smashed that target and signed up 4 clients in just 2 weeks! #getit Emily was hiding in her business, torn between, "It's too hard, why am I doing this" and "I'm here to make an IMPACT!!" and once we unpicked and processed a deep memory that had been embedded since she was a teenager, she has taken centre stage and is able to show up fearlessly and consistently. Yaaaaas! Maria was able to claim her worth and end the situationship that was keeping her up at night (not in a good way), and move forward empowered without giving her mental real estate and energy to someone who wasn't available to meet her needs. I Love. To. See. It! All from just one Breakthrough Session! Did I mention it was LIFE CHANGING? In this 90 minute coaching call we will dive deep to get to the root of your blocks before we clear them out and discuss your next steps towards your goals so that you can move forward like the badass that you are.

Contact Details

Brisbane QLD, Australia

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