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  • Have you struggled with feeling like the years blur into eachother?
  • Do you want 2024 to be different?
  • Do you feel like there's something more waiting for you than the life you're currently living?
  • Do you dream of something more, but you're not sure exactly what that is?


In my experience, setting intentions is the way out.  Every year I run a visioning workshop, and each year it gets bigger and better!  This is the PDF workbook accompanying the 2024 Visioning Workshop (replay is up on Youtube if you want the full experience)


This workbook itself will support you to:

  • Reflecting on and close out 2023

  • Identify your highest desires for 2024

  • Build that vision and the pathway to get there with practical tools that I've been refining for over a decade to create a life I didn't think was possible.  


2024 Visioning Workbook

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