Testimonials make the small business world go round and mean the world to me! If you have had a session with me and would like to leave a testimonial, you can submit it here to share the magic and let others know what to expect.

Soul Guidance

"Eloise is an amazing soul with so much knowledge and passion for what she does so very well! I received Spiritual Guidance from her and it was such a relief to have an awesome session! She is a sincere and relatable teacher. Under her guidance we looked at my birth chart and some other areas and I am learning to understand my true purpose and potential in this universe. After we spoke she emailed me a thorough outline of our meeting, including suggestions and skills to work on and a better understanding of chart! I hope to continue our sessions and become more conscious and aware of my gifts! Thank you Eloise for showing me the confidence I always had inside of me and just needed a nudge and assistance realizing!"

Yenth'l, Florida, USA


Astrology Readings

"My sister gifted me this reading and it's the best and most useful present I've ever had! The reading of my birth chart that I received was fascinating and insightful.  It especially explained certain challenges that I repeatedly come up against and gave me clarity on where I need to focus my energy moving forward.  Thank you!" 

Julia, London, UK

"Eloise is so gifted when it comes to unpacking personal astrology placements and delivering information in ways that feel empowering.  I have gained such helpful wisdom and insights from my birth chart reading with her last year.  Each time I revisit it, there seems to be a message I needed to hear, assuring me I'm on the right path.  Thank you".

Yaz, The Gold Coast, Australia

"My reading with Eloise was so fascinating! Eloise took me through my chart, giving me profound insight into my life. I now have a better understanding of challenges, opportunities, and outcomes. I learned a lot from this reading as it gave me confirmation and clarity of which direction to move forward. "

 Tara Kabatoff, Ontario, Canada

"The most relaxing thing I've learned from Eloise is that nothing happens by chance. This includes her showing up in my life with perfect timing as I was binging  Tarot on youtube, my latest obsession.


Eloise is smart, caring, and truly gifted in the way she translates some of life's most profound secrets. She makes these mysteries accessible to us all, she finds your conversation style and runs with it. 


My life has changed forever, and Eloise plays no small part in this. It feels simple, practical and natural, and my gratitude for this and for her is abundant."

 Uma Ruby, Frankston, Australia

Tarot Readings

"I've found Eloise's Tarot readings to be both informative and illuminating. With a rich understanding of astrology as well as her interpretative card readings she manages to gleam some truly fascinating insight. I left feeling better informed and at ease about queries that were plaguing me. Eloise has a warm, zen like presence that I really appreciated. Cannot recommend her enough!" 

Jacob, London, UK


“Her reading helped alot. She was spot on with where I am at and how I’m feeling, and I feel excited for the future.”


Shannon, Sandiago, USA

"You were so dead on it's creepy, but like a good creepy.  Thank you so much".

Sarah, USA

Soul Mapping

"Eloise created a beautiful, welcoming, safe, and loving space as she patiently lead me through a wonderful journey of self re-discovery, which involved exploring my innate gifts, challenges, and potential for fully reclaiming my soul destiny. Eloise guided me through each area of my soul map, which had been carefully and thoughtfully prepared before holding space for a healing, which aligned me with a greater sense of purpose in my life. I am feeling inspired with a lightness of being that is giving me a renewed lease on life.


I would highly recommend Eloise’s Soul Mapping session to anyone seeking clarity on their soul path"

Carmella Germano, Melbourne, Australia

Moon Rituals

"I loved it and felt so much calm and peace.  I literally saw the island with me, loved ones, and being fully sustainable and happy with so much peace and freedom.  I'm still journaling about it and the questions are helping so much".

Anne, Greece

Lion's Gate Manifestation Portal

"This was unreal.  So so so so good.  Thank you".

Jenn, Washington, USA

Abundance Activation (Replay Available here)

"The ritual and activation were so so so good.  Very eye opening and many moments having my mind blown.  Thank you so much".

Jenn, Washington, USA


"That was an EXCELLENT workshop!  Thanks so much! I'm so grateful for you and the information from your class.  I feel ready to receive and feel worthy about it".

Yenth'l, Florida, USA


"Thank you for this amazing ritual and activation, boy was I ready for it!!"

Hilal, Chicago, USA