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Sun, Moon, and Rising Astrology

Sun, Moon, and Rising Astrology

Most of us know our Sun sign, but it is only one small component of your astrological make up.


In this workshop you will learn how to find out your moon sign and rising sign*, and how these fit together with your sun sign to form "the big three" to paint a more detailed picture of who you are and what you need.  I will be covering each sign in each placement to shine some light on the magic of astrology.


This information is truly empowering and can help us to not only understand ourselves, but also other people in our lives!


You are more than welcome to email me with any questions that you have, which I will compile in a working document in the ritual folder. 


*Please note, in order to find your rising sign you will need to have you exact (or closest) time of birth.


Run time:  1 hour 19 minutes


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