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Finding Stillness : A 6 Week Meditation Course

Finding Stillness : A 6 Week Meditation Course

Have you tried meditation and found that it's like pulling teeth?  Too dogmatic?  Or aren't down with the religious of spiritual references?  Or frustrated that you feel like you "can't" do it?


I've created this 6 week self-paced course Just For You.


Meditation and mindfulness is something that we can all benefit from.  




In my experience, everyone's brain works differently so it's important to find the technique that works for you instead of fighting an up hill battle because you're trying to do the thing that you have heard will one day maybe yield some benefits if you can just.keep.pushing.


We don't do that around here.  Which is why I've created a 6 week course that covers lots of different techniques so that you can find the one (or several) that work for YOU!


Imagine that there's a a locked room in your brain and you don't really know what's in there, but you think it would be kind of cool to explore.  This course is the set of keys and we're going to try a few to get the one that fits.  And once we do, you will have access to this room forever.  And as you visit the room more often, you will discover more things about yourself, the world, and your experiences.


Over this 6 weeks we explore different meditation techniques so that you can cultivate your own practice and feel the immense benefits of finding stillness amongst the chaos.


How it works:


When you purchase this course you will receive a welcome PDF with a link to the week 1 video and workbook.


Then over the next 6 weeks you will receive an email each week with the next week's content.  You can go at your own pace and the course is yours for LIFE!


This course is for you if you’re:


  • Curious about meditation and how it could help you
  • New to meditation and interested to learn and practice different techniques
  • Can’t seem to find the time to meditate on a consistent basis
  • Feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in the world*
  • Having trouble finding the “off” switch to your brain
  • Finding yourself being consumed by thought gremlins


*I mean, who isn’t?! But these techniques are going to help us to find calm within which is the first place to start.




"Since doing he course I have noticed that I've been able to consider approaches to thoughts and behaviours and observe feelings from a different and perhaps dispassionate angle which has been really helpful."


"This course has helped me to calm myself much easier. When I feel myself stress clenching, I stop and practice the count your breaths technique and it doesn't take long to feel relief!"


"The format was really good. Breaking down different modes of meditation and seeing where two or more could be used at any one time was so useful; it really exploded the myth that thinking of nothing is the key to a good practice."


"I found Finding Stillness to be really accessible and not al all intimidating. The different modules are great for illustrating that it's not one size fits all."


"I would recommend this course to beginners for sure! I have dabbled in meditation myself and always felt I was doing it wrong. Having instruction for the basics was just what I needed to feel more confident and continue to practice."

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