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What Do You Fear Would Happen If You Went All In On Your Goals?

reaching goals

When you think about your goals, you probably think about all of the awesome things that they will bring you. Yay!


If you're someone who has struggled to take consistent action on their goals and bring them to life, I invite you to dig a little deeper with me and ask yourself:

What am I afraid would happen if I went all in on my goals and my dreams?

A lot of the time what is keeping us from taking action and playing small are underlying fears that half the time we don't even know are there.

You might be thinking,

"Of course I want to hit my goals and go all in, what are you talking about?"

But underneath all of that, we doubt ourselves, procrastinate, and come up with excuses. And those things are hiding our deeper fears around either taking action on our goals, or what might happen if we actually do reach them. Some common underlying fears are:

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of disappointing other people or yourself

  • Fear of success

  • Fear of visibility and being seen, and other people judging you

  • Fear of being wrong

  • Fear of being found out as an imposter.

  • An unconscious belief that in order to have more, you will need to sacrifice something you already have (such as time).

All these fears are doing is trying to protect you from something that your subconscious mind perceives as big and scary.


When you do the internal work to release these blocks and find the root of these stories (which are often in your past experiences or conditioning), you realise that none of these things matter. You learn that:

  • Failure is just a stepping stone to success and a learning opportunity

  • What other people say or think about you means everything about them and nothing about you

  • It's not your responsibility to make other people ok

  • It's safe to be seen and actually pretty liberating

  • You can have everything you want without sacrifice

  • Being wrong isn't the end of the world

  • You're not an imposter and your contribution matters.

Now, I doubt that any of those truths I've just mentioned are a surprise or a revelation to you and that you know them on a mental level, but until you do the internal work to really embody them, it stays in the mental realm of thoughts and not in the doing. Otherwise, you would be acting accordingly.

So I ask you this:

Are you ready to discover what you're really capable of when you focus and take consistent aligned action, with the support of a transformational coach to help you to get clear and go for everything you desire as you to move through any deep blocks and limitations that come up, on a deep and integrated level that will change the way you do things forever?

This is what I've created in my new group program, GMQ, a three-month group coaching container where we go deep into uncovering your fears and blocks so that you can move forward in an embodied way:

THROUGH the fears

THROUGH the doubts

INTO making it HAPPEN

and bringing your dreams to LIFE!

It’s not just about how you can show up for the 90 days in a way that is in service to your desires, but also who you become in the process.

I know many of you are entrepreneurial, but this applies to any goal you have. Say you're wanting to re-enter the dating scene, or really show up for yourself, instead of always putting everyone else first. Or maybe you just want to cultivate more joy, or self love. It is all welcome here and I have designed GMQ to give you the most support that I could possibly imagine, over the time we are together.

The point of GMQ being three months is that when you give yourself three months of focused aligned action on the one thing, you've given yourself enough time to (a) embody a habit, (b) give something a red hot go and decide from that point what the next step is. The key word is focused, because if you're anything like I was, you have a million ideas and are trying to execute them all at once.


Once I experimented with doing one at a time, everything changed. It no longer feels like I'm treading water and overwhelmed and I am able to show up more fully for myself, my clients, for groups.

In GMQ you will see that when you set the Goals and do the inner work, the Manifestation and Quantum Leaps follow and I can’t wait to share these transformational tools and just see you f**king go for it!!!!

x Eloise

P.s If you're not quite ready to jump into GMQ, I've also created a free goals workbook that covers getting clear and implementation.

This won't address your blocks and resistance, because that's a little tricky to do on an A4 piece of paper since we are multidimensional beings!! That's what GMQ is for, but this workbook is a pretty good start! And maybe just what you need at this time. I hope you love it.

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