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Venus + Mars Conjunct in Aquarius : It's Time To Release The Old Paradigms Around The Masculine, Feminine + Relationships

Mars and Venus are conjunct in Aquarius, which isn't super rare, but with all of the other Aquarian themes of innovation since Pluto entered the sign and hot off the heels of Aquarius season, this feels different, like the old paradigms, programming, and conditioning around the masculine and feminine and relationships is outdated.


Mars represents the masculine, drive, passion, and energy, while Venus is the feminine, beauty, art, and connection. Together, they make the balance of the integrated masculine and feminine and have been in a dance around the solar system, meeting, separating, meeting, and separating since the beginning of time.


When and where they meet gives us a glimpse into this integration and a harmony that cannot exist when we are so stuck in the boxes of duality that society and our culture has put is in; a box where the masculine is strong, assertive, logical, ordered, structured, and the feminine is soft, agreeable, intuitive, and delicate. And it's becoming more and more apparent that that approach isn't working and never has worked.


We are multi-dimensional beings. Our souls know no gender. So what happens when we aren't allowed to express ourselves in a full spectrum? That energy bubbles over into resentment, rage, burnout, and exhaustion which spills not only into our relationships with our partners, but in every area of life. How you do one thing is how you do everything, after all.


There's a lot to unpack here, but I'm feeling more called to focus my teachings, writings, and musings around these themes and use my voice to contribute to this collective unravelling. I'm not currently taking any new calls or clients as I turn my attention to this, but if you do want to hang out with me and learn more, you can join me on my weekly lives on the Insight Timer Meditation app where we will be exploring these topics further.

Artwork by @daniellenoelart


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