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The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini: What's your story?

The New Moon in Gemini arrives on 10 June at 20:52pm AEST.

Gemini energy is mutable air energy; there are a lot of thoughts, ideas, and mental activity with this one, yet these thoughts and ideas are subject to change on a whim. Gemini is duality personified, duality being the opposite of polarity and we are in a time polarity and systems that support them are outdated and collapsing.

There is a lot more grey than we think, and what might appear to be a contradiction actually makes perfect sense in one way or another. Multiple perspectives can be true, and acceptance of this paves the way for unity.

This new moon is about examining our thoughts ideas and communication. With too many aspects to mention, you may be feeling called communicate something different or go about getting out message across in a different way.

You may not feel like you have a message, as such, but everything we say and communicate to others and to ourselves has an underlying meaning.

Everything that we think or say is a choice to frame in a perspective of love or hate.

Faith or fear.

Abundance or scarcity.

What does your narrative sound like?⁣

Join me for my new moon in Gemini ritual where we will be doing deep into these themes and where they are playing out in your birth chart and your life.

Sending you new moon blessings ✨


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