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The New Moon in Aquarius : Become the Change Maker

The New Moon in Aquarius arrives on 22 January at 6.53 am AEST.

Aquarius is the visionary, humanitarian, and rebel with a cause. This is a time to set intentions on how you want to innovate; what is and isn't working for you? What needs a refresh? And what change do you wish to see in the world? And how can you contribute? (spoiler alert: it doesn't happen when you conform, which Aquarius is not one to do).

This New Moon conjuncts the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn which has been taking us through a process of transformation of structures and systems. So how can we make them better?

The New Moon also makes a supportive trine to Mars in Gemini, and while it is still in its retrograde shadow, what have you learnt about the way you communicate and connect with people, and do things generally in the area of your chart where it was happening since October 2022? And how can you bring these lessons forward?

Mars Retrograde in Gemini by Rising Sign:

Aries Rising - House III ~ Thoughts, Ideas, Communication + Siblings + Local Environment

Taurus Rising - House II ~ Assets and Resources + Inherent Skills and Talents + Values + Self Worth

Gemini Rising - House I ~ The Self + how you present and perceive the outside world + Your Body and Vitality

Cancer Rising - House XII ~ Your Internal World + Mental Health, Behind the Scenes Projects, Spirituality, The Unseen

Leo Rising - House XI ~ Friends, Network + Community, Dreams + Aspirations

Virgo Rising - House X ~ Career + Public Life + Legacy

Libra Rising - House IX ~ Quest for Purpose, Meaning, Teaching, Learning + New Experiences, Travel + Other Cultures

Scorpio Rising - House VIII ~ Shared Resources, Intimacy + The Psyche, Death + Rebirth

Sagittarius Rising - House VII ~ Committed Partnerships

Capricorn Rising - House VI ~ Rituals, Routine and Daily Life

Aquarius Rising - House V ~ Sex, Creative Projects, Children, Fun + Good Times

Pisces Rising - House IV ~ Home + Family Life, Ancestry + Lineage, Your Foundations

This probably doesn't feel comfortable because none of this ever does, but in order to step into who we are becoming and the life we want to live, requires us to shed layers and move differently to bring our vision to life! And incase you missed the Visioning + Manifesting workshop that gets into the nitty gritty, you can purchase the replay here.

Sending you love and New Moon blessings x

Artwork by @astroccult

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