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The Full Moon in Pisces : Taking steps towards your Quantum Leap

The Full Moon in Pisces arrives on 10 September at 7.59 pm AEST.

The energy of Full Moons is supercharged, which is why we feel them so strongly. Pisces is creative, sensitive and intuitive and this feels already like it's going to be an emotional one!

The sun is in practical, earthy Virgo sitting opposite Pisces. This pair offer us the spectrum of details, to do lists, analysis, critiquing, service, and responsibility balanced with flow, intuition, creativity, emotions, and compassion. You may feel pulled more in one of these directions, but the challenge is to allow yourself to dream, flow, and create, while backing it up with implementation, a plan, and not shirking your responsibilities because you're carried away in the creative process and forget to eat/shower/do what needs to be done to keep your life on track.

I've spoken a lot about the conjunction of the North Node and Uranus in Taurus - things are being rearranged to move us along our karmic path whether we like it or not. However, these points are making a trine to the Sun in Virgo and a sextile to the Moon in Pisces and there is a strong energy here of stepping into your highest timeline. It is a time where every action that we take or don't take has a profound impact on whether we quantum leap into the next level or stay exactly as we are because we have kept out dreams and desires in the realm of fantasy without backing it up with action.

This is not just a case of if you put it off until tomorrow, it will get done later. The extent that you're able to be propelled forward is directly related to how much you are willing to break out of your comfort zone and procrastination and take action NOW!! You are on the precipice of something huge if you allow yourself to face the resistance and excuses head on. As I said in this reel - when you see people who are doing The Things, it doesn't meant that they don't face the same resistances that you have or that it's somehow easier for them. It just means that they are willing to stand up to it because their mission and cause is greater than the discomfort of visibility or whatever else is holding you up.

The Sun and the Moon are also forming a tense T-Square with Mars in Gemini which is certainly an energy of analysis paralysis when we get too fixated on our thought loops, or overwhelmed by too many ideas. Choose one. Just one. The others aren't going anywhere. One well executed project is worth a thousand half-baked ideas (I'm feeling attacked by my own advice here!!). We can also borrow from Sagittarius to diffuse this mental fuckery by thinking outside the box and expanding beyond limiting beliefs. Of maybe you just need to go out, try something new, to reset your perspective.

Finally, Mercury Retrograde in Libra is opposing Jupiter in Aries which is asking us to review the way we communicate and connect in terms of being authentic and communicating boundaries in a way that is healthy, and you might find different things show up for you in different situations and with different people. What is springing to mind for me is the way that we often let things slide until the last straw is broken and go from 1 to 100 real quick. Addressing the 100 other previous straws could avoid this all together!!

If you would like to utlise Pisces' intuitive gifts, I have created this meditation to receive guidance and clarity.

If you would like some further guidance from me, you can book in for a soul guidance session here.

The collective Horoscope is up on youtube!

Join my membership portal to receive your Horoscope for your rising sign + Mercury Retrograde + Journaling Prompts.

That is all from me! I would love to know how you're getting on and how you will be making the most of this powerful time so leave a comment below and spill the tea!

I am sending you so much love and Full Moon Blessings!

x Eloise

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