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The 12 Zodiac Archetypes

Most of us know the ins and outs of our own Zodiac sign, but what about the rest of them? In the Moon Magic workshop I talk about specific ways to work with the moon using the archetypal energy of each sign, as well as different approaches to using 1 month, 6 month, and 12 month manifestation cycles.

This is a quick reference guide or supplementation to that information. You can check out the workshop replay here. I also hold monthly rituals and activations based on these themes that you can check out in the events section for live rituals and the downloads section for activation replays.

  1. Aries - The Warrior

  2. Taurus - The Sustainer

  3. Gemini - The Disseminator of Information

  4. Cancer - The Nurturer + Divine Feminine

  5. Leo - The Star + Big Hearted Creative

  6. Virgo - The Fixer

  7. Libra - The Lover

  8. Scorpio - The Shaman

  9. Sagittarius - The Explorer + The Teacher

  10. Capricorn - The Boss

  11. Aquarius - The Revolutionary

  12. Pisces - The Dreamer

I go into much more details about these energies in my General Horoscopes for the New/Full Moon on YouTube and in my New/Full Moon posts on Instagram.

Artwork by @Cosmiccreationsbycarly

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