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Saturn Through The 12 Houses : What It Means For Your Life

saturn in the 12 houses

Saturn is our great cosmic teacher. It is the planet of karmic lessons, boundaries, discipline, and maturity.

Where it is placed in your birth chart shows where you will need to learn lessons, work to overcome challenges, refine, and mature.

This can really put us to task and often feels restrictive or like there are blocks and delays to you getting what you desire in this area of your life.


Saturn isn’t here to mess up your mojo and ruin your vibes. Rather, it provides an opportunity to master, accomplish, and step into your authority.

Once you “do the work”, Saturn rewards long term effort and sustained action and will unlock everything you desire, but "the work" is sadly unavoidable: there are no shortcuts, free passes, and zero chance of daydreaming, manifesting, or thinking your way through whatever it's presenting. The only way we can step up to the plate is to take action on what we want as we forge our character (and our sword) in the process.

At the same time, a lack of effort will keep you limited, fearful, stuck, and potentially isolated and/or lacking boundaries and discipline. The result? You'll suddenly turn around, late in your years, without the maturity or bounty that you were meant to attain in this lifetime.

It's easy to say "screw Saturn, this is all too hard", but this in itself is a choice. The alternative is to ask yourself, "How am I going to use whatever Saturn is teaching me to mature and grow. What is the lesson here and what am I being asked to do?"

What do you choose?

Because *tough love incoming* no matter how valid it feels at the time, the "f**k this guy attitude" isn't a mature way of approaching the planet of maturity and you will never get to understand the lessons and know the gifts if you don't play the game.

The below Saturnian lessons are based on my experiences as a professional astrologer, having read hundreds of birth charts and having the privilege to talk to my clients about their life and challenges. I would love to know in the comments if this resonates with you.

*Each of the 12 houses of the Zodiac relate to a different area of your life, and the accuracy of the chart to what is happening in our lives is uncanny. I've been doing this for decades and it still blows me away.

*If you don't know where Saturn is in your Chart, you can download my free Guide to Rising Signs and Working With The Moon PDF that contains instructions on how to do so.

Saturn in the 1st House

The first Zodiac house relates to your Self, your body, your appearance, and how you show up in the world.

You may struggle with your identity and feel unsettled or uncomfortable in your own skin and like you don't belong. You may also have challenges with your self image, or body image and put a lot of pressure on yourself to look or be a certain way. Ultimately, these things can lead you to shield who you really are from the world, which perpetuates a sense of alienation.

If this resonates, journal on the following:

  • What do you know about yourself that is certain, such as your personality traits. What can you appreciate about yourself? How can you embrace these and bring them out into the world?

  • What do you fear would happen if you were to just be, without any pressure to conform to others or your own expectations?

Saturn in the 2nd House

The second Zodiac house relates to your assets, resources, skills and talents, and self worth.

You might struggle with overspending or feel like you can never quite get ahead financially. Perhaps you grew up feeling like you had less than others and carry the story forward that more isn't available to you. You might feel like you aren't particularly good at anything or be a harsh critic of what it is that you can do or anything that you try, feeling like it's never good enough. You might chronically people please or put everyone else's needs ahead of your own to make up for your perceived flaws or because you believe your own needs are less important or that pleasing others will guarantee their love (spoiler alert: it doesn't).

If this resonates, journal on any of the following:


  • What do you really value/what is important to you?

  • Go through your bank statements and track your spending to see if your spending reflects these values or paints a different picture. If there's a discrepancy, how can you bring them more into alignment?

  • What do you think having more money would give you? Whatever that is, how can you invite more of that into your life now?


  • What would your life be like if you didn't buy into the story that there isn't enough?

  • What if you gave freely as my heart guided, paid my bills without complaint, and just accepted that bills and taxes etc are a part of life?

  • How would that reality feel?

  • How would it feel to believe that the universe is truly abundant and there is always enough?

  • Is this something you're willing to try out*?

*I say this because in my experience, scarcity and financial stress takes it toll in the mental realm i.e. the scarcity thoughts lead to the full body contraction, and it is difficult to be open to receiving from that space or to take steps to see opportunities or improve your situation. You might still have the same income and the same bills, but your inner experience will be vastly different and once you change your internal experience, your external experience shift.

Self Worth

  • What would you do if you believed that you were good enough? Would you share your work? Speak your truth? Ask for what you really want? Be your true, authentic self?

  • What would be the ripple effect of this way of being?

  • If you always or often put others ahead of your own needs, how do those relationships feel? Are they connected, full of love, joy, and shared experiences? Or do you feel underappreciated and resentful?

Saturn in the 3rd House

The third house of the Zodiac relates to your thoughts, ideas, learning, communication, inner wisdom, and siblings.

You might have difficulty articulating yourself or sharing your ideas because you think or communicate differently, have a learning difficulty, or lack confidence because you didn't have a positive experience in the learning environment of the school system. This can leave you feeling paralysed with imposter syndrome and frustrated that you can't just say what you want to say how you want to say it, or be received as you intended. You might also have trouble trusting yourself and your own guidance and look to others for answers, which leaves you feel co-dependent on people to tell you what to do and help you make decisions. You might also have a challenging relationship with your siblings.

If this resonates, journal on any of the following:

Imposter Syndrome

It's important to understand that your unique viewpoints or perspective is SO needed because when everyone thinks the same, we end up in an echo chamber and nothing good comes out of those! And that a lot of our systems and structures are designed to suit one style of learning, when really there are many ways of learning and there is an element that each of us thrives in, whether that be artistic expression, STEM, poetry, or interpretive dance. I recommend using the following affirmations:

  • My voice and opinion not only matter, but are needed.

  • It is my responsibility to share my unique ideas with the world.

  • My message will always land with the right people


If you have a challenging relationship with your siblings, journal on the following:

  • Give voice to all of the hurt, frustrations, conflicts, no matter how petty it is, what does the part of you that feels challenged by these relationships have to say? (Going right back to when your brother pulled the heads off all of your Barbie dolls or your sister got what you wanted for Christmas and it should have been you)

  • Are you able to see past this and that each of you are just trying to get your needs met in the way that you know how? (If you can't, that's okay too)

  • Family dynamics are complex and often bring up a lot of our core wounds, but it only takes one person to change a dynamic. How are you showing up that perpetuates these roles? What could you do differently to break the pattern?

Saturn in the 4th House

The fourth house of the Zodiac relates to your home (both your physical home and ideas about what home is), safety, family, and ancestry.

You might have a challenging relationship with your family members, or struggle to find a sense of "home". You may have had a difficult or unstable childhood and/or your safety compromised and are in a constant state of hypervigilance. You may feel misunderstood by your family members and feel like the "black sheep". You might experience ongoing struggles to find suitable living situations, or create stability and/or a family of your own.

If this resonates, journal on any of the following:


  • Family dynamics are complex and often bring up a lot of our core wounds, but it only takes one person to change a dynamic. How are you showing up that perpetuates these roles? What could you do differently to break the pattern?

  • We are responsible for our own triggers, and when we are truly doing our own internal work, it doesn't matter what anyone else does - what can you identify as your triggers and where are they pointing you to on your own healing journey?

  • Just because we are related to people doesn't mean that we have to keep them in our lives, but only you can decide what you're willing to accept and what you won't tolerate and need space from or to exit out of. What are your boundaries and how do they fit in the current dynamic? Are they being communicated and maintained? And if they're not, what are your next steps?


  • How can you create safety within yourself? For example, what is something that gives you comfort or feels safe and supportive that you can return to regularly?


  • What is something that gives you a sense of stability or feels like home, no matter what your living situation is? How can you use this as a support when your home life or living situation is challenging?

Saturn in the 5th House

The fifth house of the Zodiac relates to your Self Expression, Fun, Sex, Creativity, and Children.

You may have difficulty living in your fullest expression and feel like you have to play small or dial it down just to be accepted, loved, and safe. You may feel blocked creatively and find yourself saying "I'm just not a creative person". You may feel shame around sex, your sexual energy and/or desires or have trouble expressing your needs. Depending on the other placements in your chart, you may also experience a delay in having children.

If this resonates, journal on any of the following:


  • Can you think of something that interests you that you could take up as a hobby? This doesn't have to be artistic, but rather anything that sparks your curiosity.

  • Are you willing to try this out and see what opens up from there?


  • What have you experienced or been taught about sex that has that influenced how you relate to it today?

  • How does that show up and is it something that is helpful or hindering to your relationships to sex and your sexuality?

Saturn in the 6th House

The sixth house of the Zodiac relates to Daily Life, Routine, Responsibility, Health and how you take care of yourself.

You may struggle with routine and feel like you can't find one that fits, but because of this, your life is often in chaos. You may have many commitments and responsibilities (such as caring for family members) which can often feel overwhelming. You may also commit to doing things for others and then at the end of the day have no time left to do what you need to for yourself.

If this resonates, journal on any of the following:

  • What is your relationship to routine?

  • What is your relationships to your to do list?

  • What is your relationship to responsibility?

  • Does the above support or hinder you in having a balanced and emotionally nourished life?

  • Where or with whom do you take on too much, leaving you depleted or without energy to meet your own self care needs?

  • What is one small thing that you can do for yourself each day as a form of self care? Start with that, and see how things open up for you. And if you fall off the wagon, it's a natural part of the process of building habits.

Saturn in the 7th House

The seventh house of the Zodiac relates to Committed Partnerships; Romantic, Professional, and Long-Term friends.

You may experience challenges in relationships that come in many different forms: a pattern of chasing unavailable people (who are either geographically distant, emotionally distant, or already in another relationship). You may also experience delay in finding lasting love and find that it comes later in life. Don't give up hope!

If this resonates, journal on the following:

Chasing Unavailable Partners

  • How does this pattern serve you?

  • Is there any connection between what your caregivers modelled to you about relationships, or your relationship/dynamics with them growing up?

  • What current beliefs do you have about yourself or relationships that perpetuate these patterns? Are these beliefs serving you? If not, what alternative beliefs might be true, and are you willing to adopt those and see if they serve you better?

Experiencing Delay In Finding Your Person

  • Being as honest with yourself as you can be, how do you feel about your prospects of finding a suitable romantic partner?

  • What can you do to stay in the game and keep yourself open and available, if that's something you want?

  • Write out all the qualities you're looking for in a partner and be as specific as you can be, and identify what is and isn't negotiable. What can you do or where do you need to go to meet a person like this?

Saturn in the 8th House

The eighth house of the Zodiac relates to Shadow Work, Intimacy, Secrets, Debt, Shared Money, Taboo, and Initiation.

You may struggle to get close to people, either through a conscious or subconscious fear or lack of trust, even though experience a deep yearning for intimacy. You may have gone through many intense experiences throughout your lifetime and have a sense that you have lived a thousand lives, but this can feel heavy and/or make it hard to relate to other people. You may find yourself in debt and unable to get ahead, or struggle your way through as a lone wolf because you're too afraid to look for and ask for support.

If this resonates, journal on any of the following:


  • What parts of yourself do you keep secret or hidden from others?

  • What do you fear would happen if you brought these to the surface?

  • Are you willing to allow yourself to be seen in your full imperfect self? (we are all human, after all!)

  • If you were willing to try that out, what would it look like?

Rebirth and Initiation

  • What is your relationship to life?

  • What is your relationship to death?

  • Thinking about your challenging life experiences, are you able to see how they have shaped you?

  • Are there any lessons or experiences that you can take forward either in your own life or help others? When we are able to take our pain and suffering and transmute it, we take on a shamanic quality where we have seen and experienced many things, but we are still able to be in service to our selves and other despite it.


  • What is your relationship to your debt? How do you feel about it? Are you able to accept where you're at?

  • What are the patterns or circumstances that have led you into your current financial situation?

  • What would feel like a comfortable and safe baseline financial situation for you? (for some people this is in the hundreds of thousands and for others it's in the negative, so it's very subjective).

  • Is there anything that you can do to bring you closer to your baseline, if you're not already there.

Shared Resources

  • How do you feel about asking for support from others - either financially or any other kind of help or assistance? Does this serve you?

  • How do you feel about giving to others? Do you give generously? Or are you someone who holds on and just takes care of you? Does this feel nourishing and supportive?

Saturn in the 9th House

The ninth house of the Zodiac relates to Truth, Meaning, Philosophy, Travel/Adventure, Teaching/Publishing.

You may have had a challenge experience with organised religion, which has led you to disown any sense of connection with a higher source. You might experience some kind of restriction around travelling and being able to have the adventures and experiences that you desire which can feel like you're trapped in your own life or the mundane day to day. Sometimes this can look like having family responsibilities from a relatively early age, a lack of confidence to step out of your comfort zone, or feeling like you don't have the time or resources to do so, such as running a business or having other financial priorities. You may also struggle with imposter syndrome and feel like you never know enough to be able to share any of your knowledge or gifts with the world. This leads you to read and learn constantly, but you never get closer to sharing your wisdom.

If this resonates, journal on any of the following:

Travel + Adventure

  • If I told you that sometimes when we feel like we "can't" do something because of our responsibilities, etc, it's really just a cover for an underlying fear, what is really holding you back from having the experiences that you crave?

  • If you are feeling trapped in the mundane, how can you invite novelty and new experiences into your life? This is as simple as making different choices from your default, like going for a walk somewhere you've never been before, trying a different coffee joint, or taking yourself on an excursion, or going for a random drive. You don't have to leave the country to see new things.

Imposter Syndrome

  • If you could spread a message or set of ideas or knowledge, or a piece of work to the masses, what would it be?

  • What is one small step you can take to utilise your knowledge and wisdom and put it into practice or share it with the world?

Saturn in the 10th House

The tenth house of the Zodiac relates to career, public life, and legacy.

You may struggle to find your purpose or vocation or experience difficulties in your workplace or career progression which can leave a lasting impact moving forward. You may also find it difficult to come out of your shell enough to create that kind of impact that you dream of.

If this resonates, journal on any of the following:


  • If money, skill or knowledge were taken out of the equation and you could wake up one day in your dream career/vocation, what would that be?

  • Imagine someone is reading your obituary, what do you want them to be saying and what do you want to be known for?

Moving Forward

  • *What stories have you taken on based on your past workplace or life experiences that are holding you back? If you were to re-write this story, starting today, what would it look like?

  • How can you rise to the occasion to recreate your professional/public life and move into your purpose?


  • What do you fear would happen if you put yourself and your work out into the public sphere?

  • Can you know for sure that this would happen and that these fears are accurate?

  • *What would it feel like to let go of these fears and move out with confidence?

*If you need extra support on this, book in a breakthrough call here where I will take you through a powerful process you to let go of any fears, limitations, or past experiences on a mental, emotional, somatic, and subconscious level, and then we will create a strategic plan for you to move forward.

Saturn in the 11th House

The eleventh house of the Zodiac relates to Friendships, Community, Networks, the Collective, and your Highest Aspirations

You may experience a lingering feeling like you don't belong and a tendency to alienate yourself from others and/or find it hard to hang onto friends or create community. You might feel stunted in your ability to manifest your dreams, even though you're clear on what it is that you want.

If this resonates, journal on any of the following:

Friendships + Community

  • If the current people around you don't feel aligned, what can you do to meet people that are? Where would they hang out? What kind of events would they go to? Or what online communities would they be in?

  • Thinking about friendships that have ended or fizzled out, are there any that you would want to reconnect with? Are you willing to make the first move?

  • Alternatively, where people have exited your life for good reason, what were the patterns or dynamics that led to that? How can you do things differently to create a more stable foundation?

  • What proof do you have that you do belong and that you have people around you that value you and your input?

Your Aspirations

  • What are your highest aspirations if you didn't have to worry about finances or the "how" of bringing it to life. Describe this in as much detail as possible*

  • Are there any patterns or beliefs you can identify that are holding you back from going all in on your dreams?

  • What is the next most intelligent step to get to where you want to go?

*If you're stuck, check out my free meditation to visualise your dream business/career, although your aspirations don't have to be work related.

Saturn in the 12th House

The twelfth house of the Zodiac relates to Inner World, Mental Health, and connection to Spirituality and the Unseen.

You may have struggled with your mental health or frequently find yourself overwhelmed with your feelings about either your own life or the state of the world. You may be fixated on the tangible and not entertain the mysteries of the universe, closing yourself off to a connection with Source (anyone that fits this category is probably not reading this). You may also feel misunderstood; the 12th house is where we integrate all of our experiences, and in truth, no one else will ever be able to understand or witness that so we each need to witness ourselves in our entirety.

If this resonates, journal on any of the following:

Your Inner World + Mental Health

  • What is something that helps you to manage your thoughts so that your thoughts don't run you? Is this something you're able to commit to doing consistently.

  • If you regularly find yourself daydreaming, to the point where you're unable to accomplish what you need to in the material world, how can you carve out pockets of time to be completely present in the task at hand? And then allow yourself your fantasy time too. It's important to give yourself both, but having a time and a place for each.

  • How can you get support for your mental health?

  • What can you do to stay grounded? This can be something like a meditation practice or daily walk... or anything else that calls you.

Curious to dive deeper?

Self knowledge is the first step to becoming who you're here to be.

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x Eloise

Artwork by @Daniellenoell


Eloise Skye is an empowering life coach and Astrologer, using your astrological birth chart as a tool of self discovery and transformational coaching to support you to move through blocks and resistance so you can step into the life that you're here to live.

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