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Saturn in Pisces: A New Cycle of Karma

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

On 7 February 2023, Saturn, the planet of lessons, boundaries, discipline, and maturity enters Pisces.

It will be here until 25 May 2025.

When #Saturn enters a new area of our chart, it stays for approximately two 1/2 years and once it leaves, it won't be back for another 30 years.

Saturn brings us karmic lessons (yay!) and asks us to refine this part of our life so that we can evolve and do what we came here to do. This can feel oppressive and restrictive, like your meatsuit is too tight, or have you questioning everything and doing a complete 180°.

Other times this part of your life will be undergoing revision after revision until it feels just right... and then three more revisions after that! This is part of the process.

For some of you, these things will be internal, and for others it will be external through people you meet and situations you find yourself in.

How this part of your life looks now might look very different come May 2025, but Saturn is here to teach us and test us so you best be taking notes!

If you were born between May 1993 and June 1996, you are most likely having your #saturnreturn which is an initiation into maturity and onto your karmic path.

You will also experience this transit more intensely if you have your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, or Mars in Pisces.

If you have your Sun in Pisces, you may experience a shift in your #identity over this time.⁣

If you have your Moon in Pisces, you may learn things about how you express and process your #emotions, as well as how you take care of yourself.⁣

If you have your Mercury in Pisces, you might be refining or learning about how you communicate/think and express yourself.⁣

If you have your Venus in Pisces, you might be learning about giving and receiving #love, #pleasure, and/or refining your #values.⁣

If you have Mars in Pisces, you might go through a period of feeling stuck which will help you to refine how you take #action and do things.⁣

These are all necessary parts of your journey!⁣


Saturn will be visiting your 12th House of your Inner World, Mental Health, and connection to Spirituality and the Unseen.

What are you secretly refining that no one else is privy to? How do you integrate your life and experiences? How does it feel to witness yourself, knowing that you are the only one who will ever be able to see yourself entirely? The more you can do this, the more you will be guided by your intuition.


Saturn will be visiting your 11th House of Friendships, Community, Networks, the Collective Consciousness, and your Highest Aspirations.

Are your friendships and community supportive of your dreams and you in your wholeness? Removing the "how", what would you create if success was inevitable? Whatever it is, if you can dream it, you can achieve it.


Saturn will be visiting your 10th House of Career, Public Roles, and how you want to be seen and leave your mark on the world.

What do you want to be known for? Is your career, as it currently is, supportive of your legacy? If not, how can it support it? You have important work that only you can do, so what is it going to be?


Saturn will be visiting your 9th House of Truth, Meaning, Philosophy, Travel, Adventure, Teaching, and Publishing.

What are you being called to question? What do you need to refine to align deeper with your truth and/or spiritual fulfilment? If you are or want to teach or publish or put something out there, how is this message/work evolving? Imposter Syndrome is real, but it only lives in your mind.


Saturn will be visiting your 8th House of Shadow Work, Intimacy, Secrets, Debt, Shared Money, Taboo, and Initiation.

What are you avoiding looking at? Are your relationships meeting you to the depth that you crave? What is your attitude towards shared resources? How can you embrace both sharing AND receiving?


Saturn will be visiting your 7th House of Committed Partnerships; both Romantic, Professional, and Long-Term friends.

What lessons are you being asked to learn in your way of being in partnership? All of our relationships are mirrors to our internal world, what are they showing you?


Saturn will be visiting your 6th House of Daily Life, Routine, Responsibility, Health and how you take care of yourself.

What is your relationship to responsibility? In what part of your life are you being asked to "Adult"? Are you taking care of yourself in the way that keeps you healthy and balanced? Only you know how; experiment if you need to.


Saturn will be visiting your 5th House of Self Expression, Fun, Sex, Creativity, and Children.

What are you learning about yourself expression, sexuality, or creative process? How are you meeting and taking care of your inner child? Where does fun, play, and spontaneity purely for the joy (not just for the 'gram) fit into your life? Only you can express yourself in your unique way, so show the world what you've got.


Saturn will be visiting your 4th House of Home (both your physical home and ideas about what home is), Safety, Family, and Ancestry.

What is your relationship to home and family? How would you like it to be? How can you bridge any discrepancy? True fulfilment comes from living in alignment with your values.


Saturn will be visiting your 3rd House of Thoughts, Ideas, Communication, and Inner Wisdom.

What is bubbling up inside you that you're starting to feel compelled to share? How are your ideas and attitudes shifting? What is the message that you want to share with the world, and how do you want to share it? The world is waiting for your medicine.


Saturn will be visiting your 2nd House of Assets, Resources, Skills and Talents, and Self Worth.

How are your finances looking? Do you truly value yourself and know your worth? Or do you hide your talents behind uncertainty and procrastination? It is up to you to know and claim you worth and it has nothing to do with your "success" or anyone else.


Saturn will be visiting your 1st House of Self, your body, your appearance, and how you show up in the world.

Thinking about everything that you dream of for your life, how are you showing up for it? You might undergo many transformations over the next two years, but action will bring your more clarity than waiting to be "certain".

Just remember, everything is happening for you, not to you and it will all make sense sooner or later, no matter how uncomfortable it might be at the time. If you are looking for support during this time, you can book in a Soul Guidance session with me where we I look at your chart with you and what is specifically being asked of you through this transit and support you to navigate these lessons with grace and ease.

I'm sending you so much love.

x Eloise

Artwork by @hheininge

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