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Samhain Beltane and the Full Moon in Taurus

Updated: Jan 27

In case you missed my Samhain / Beltane/ Full Moon in Taurus Ritual last night, here's a little snipped of some of my guidance during this potent time.

Full Moon in Taurus

Taurus is a sign that is abundant. It likes nice things, is sensual, grounded, stable, and practical. Taureans have a deep need to cover all eventualities- if you ever need a bandaid, ask a Taurus. If you ever need a phone charger, ask a Taurus. They like to be independent and don’t want to rely on anyone else, or go without. If they need something, they need to have it.

Cast your mind back 6 months, when we had the New Moon in Taurus in the middle of April. I know that in 2020 that feels like 5 years ago, but that might make this easier.

Think about where you were at that time, in whatever sense of the word that means to you-

  • What were your hopes for the rest of the year?

  • What did you desire?

  • What did you wish to bring into existence in the material world?

Take a few moments to build that picture.

With everything that has unfolded, and where you’re at right now, whether there’s a discrepancy, or perhaps things are better than you could have imagined, or maybe your priorities have changed and those intentions no longer apply... If thats the case, I want you to think about where you are orienting yourself now.

Being a blue moon this one is extra powerful so dream big in what you think seems impossible, because this IS once in a blue moon.

  • In relation to Taurus energy, what is it that YOU need, to get where you’re going, covering every eventuality?

Maybe it’s patience, maybe its discipline, confidence, slaying self limiting beliefs. Maybe its the fortitude to keep going when we hit blocks or setbacks as we all inevitably do.

  • How are you going to equip yourself?

  • What action can’t you take?

  • what habits can you adopt?


In the Northern Hemisphere, the 31st October is Samhain. You are in the middle of Autumn and on the cusp of winter; the day are getting shorter, and you are preparing for the winter ahead. The moment that we are in right now is one of tying up loose ends to see us through, introspection, reflecting, and brewing ideas, so that we can recalibrate and consider where we want to go.

Thinking about the coming winter-

  • What do you want from this time?

  • To learn, grow, develop, or do?

  • How do you want to transform to come out the other side, ready for Spring?

Come the Winter Solstice in approximately 6 weeks, we are going to be planting those seeds of intention. Have them ready.


In the Southern Hemisphere, it is Beltane. For us it's the middle of Spring and we are on the cusp of Summer. Any seeds we planted over winter should be coming into full bloom around the Summer Solstice (in around 6 weeks), so this is a good time to think about what you might need to fertilise these seeds. Maybe some of your seeds have been neglected, and need some extra care, or others have been completely abandoned. That's ok.

Remember that nothing is ever lost.

Tend to the seeds that you feel called to, and the ones that die off can be transmuted to a higher potential somewhere else. More often than not, the things we lose momentum on turn out to have never been for us.

  • How can you fertilise the seed you planted over the winter?

  • what do you need to do, over the next 6 weeks or so to see the harvest of your labour?

Sending you cosmic blessings x

P.S I am doing a live Gong Bath Sound Immersion at Elements Collective in Fortitude Valley on Sunday 29th November! It's going to be divine. You can learn more and book here.

Artwork by Lori Menna @cosmiccollage

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