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Reflections for the New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces arrives on 13th March at 8:21pm AEST*

Pisces is one of the most confusing signs of the Zodiac: it is elusive, watery, and mysterious.

Where it falls in your chart might feel like an area of your life that is a bit all over the place, slippery, difficult to get together, or at best, somewhere for you to surrender and go with the flow.

The strength in our Pisces placement is using our sensitivity, compassion, and intuition to assist humanity.

Pisces Placements

Aries Rising ~ House XII ~ Your Internal World, Spirituality Taurus Rising ~ House XI ~ Friends, Network + Community Gemini Rising ~ House X ~ Career + Public Life Cancer Rising ~ House IX ~Quest for Purpose, Meaning, Learning + New Experiences Leo Rising ~ House VIII ~ Shared Resources, Intimacy + The Psyche Virgo Rising ~ House VII ~ Committed Partnerships Libra Rising ~ House VI ~Daily Life, Rituals, Your Body Scorpio Rising ~ House V ~ Sex, Creative Projects, Children Sagittarius Rising ~ House IV ~ Home + Family Life Capricorn Rising ~ House III ~ Thoughts, Ideas + Communication Aquarius Rising ~ House II ~ Assets + Resources Pisces Rising ~ House I ~ The Self, How You Present + Perceive the Outside World

For a lot of you, this Piscean energy will be about connecting to your intuition and surrendering to the flow of this beautiful super power.

For others it will be about working through areas in your "hidden life", meaning everything that is going on that other people aren't witness to.

Sending you all New Moon blessings,

x Eloise

*Sydney / Melbourne: 13th March 9:21pm

*London: 13th March 10:21am

*Paris: 13th March 11:21am

*New York: 13th March 5:21am

*Los Angeles: 13th March 2:21am

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