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Reflections for The New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius arrives on 12th February at 5:05am AEST⁣.

We currently have SIX planets huddled up in Aquarius, which is ALOT. ⁣

Like, half of the planets. ⁣

All up in there having a little Aquarian party, feeding off eachothers vibes.⁣

Aquarian Energy is fixed air energy, and it is committed to its ideas, and doing things its own way. ⁣

It is rebellious, breaks the mould, and always looking for ways to innovate old structures and systems in a way that benefits the collective to build a future for the good of all.⁣

As an air sign, it is intellectual, with a lot of mental activity, ideas, thoughts and visions.. and potentially (likely) over thinking! ⁣

The antidote to over thinking is to get out of your head, and into your heart and just

B R E A T H E⁣

This new moon is also in a square to Mars in Taurus. Mars brings action and heat, and squares create tension.⁣

Taurean Energy is fixed earth energy. ⁣

While Aquarius can be set in their ideas, Taurus can be set in its ways. However, these qualities give Aquarius a strength in its values and visions (sometimes tunnel vision), and Taurus the stability and fortitude to stick to things, even when the going gets tough (sometimes to the point of clinging on to thinks for too long and resisting any kind of change).⁣

For a lot of you, this Aquarian energy will be about breaking free from old ways and structures.⁣

For others it will be about moving your focus from yourself or your immediate concerns, to society and the collective.⁣

~ What in your life do you feel you are being called to innovate or revolutionise? Are there any traditions, mindsets, structures, or part of your past that you are holding onto or that are stopping you from doing so? ⁣

~ Over the past 12 months or so, in what ways have you shifted your focus from yourself or your immediate concerns to the collective, or become more aware of social issues?

For those of you who wish to dive deeper, my New Moon Ritual is now available for immediate download, containing:⁣

*Reflection / journalling prompts specific to your rising sign and how this moon placement and aspects are affecting your chart⁣

*Astro chat on the current energy and astrology⁣

*Healing and meditation ⁣

*Sound immersion⁣


Sending you all New Moon Blessings 😘🖤⁣

Artwork by @spiritsofspace

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