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Reflections for the Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo arrives on 18 March at 17.17 pm AEST

Virgo all about detail and discernment and is the fixer of the zodiac. It also has a strong mind-body connection.

In the Zodiac chart, Virgo rules the 6th house of Daily Life, Ritual, Routine, and Service; Service to yourself, your work, your purpose, and others. It is the house where we need to get things done, and cross off the to do's that are the responsibilities of life, such as paying your bills, as well as the ways we are in service to ourselves (i.e taking care of your self), others (i.e taking care of them and upholding relationships), and your mission and purpose (how you go about this). Our sign in the 6th house can tell us alot about what we need out of day to day life.

During this Full Moon, you may wish to reflect on the following:

~ In what ways are you in service to yourself? And what is not in service to yourself?

~ What is your relationship to your body? How do you respond to it's whispers of pain or discomfort? By listening to it? Or ignoring it?

All Horoscopes are up on YouTube here.

Sending you so much love and Full Moon blessings x

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