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Reflections for the Full Moon in Scorpio: The Catalyst for Transformation

The Full Moon in Scorpio arrives on 27 April at 1:31pm AEST.

Scorpio is the Shaman, Unafraid to delve into the darkest waters because she herself has been through it all.

The worst things that happen to us provide us with the alchemical fuel for transformation. That is the shaman’s journey. That is the hero’s journey, and both live inside of each of us.

We are all the shaman, the hero and the magician. Our power and our magic lies in our ability to transmute our pain into the magic of wisdom and embodiment, emerging weathered but beautiful.

This full moon asks us to look at our challenges (this can be events or situations), and how we can transform them. It might not yet be clear, but this is where you will find the gold.

Journaling prompts

  • What feels agitating to you at the moment? Is there a recurring theme or common thread between these triggers?

  • What feels supportive to you during this time, as an anchor through what is difficult? How can you make this part of your day to day routine?

Samhain Ritual $22

Samhain (30 April - 1 May) marks an important part of our death and rebirth cycles as we prepare to shed our layers and go within over the winter months, to emerge into blossom come Spring.

Energetically, it is one of several times of the year when the Veil between the material, energetic, and psychic realms is thin. This gives us more direct access to our guides, helpers, and ancestors to honour them and call on them for clarity and assistance in our manifestations.

Join me for a special Samhain Ritual Download where I will guide you to connect with and honour ancestors and guides and receive their messages.

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Ritual for the New Moon in Taurus $11

The new moon in Taurus arrives on 12 April at 4:59am, AEST.

Taurus is the sustainer. In this Ritual we will be using the energy of the new moon to gather our resources and faculties to see us through the coming months.

And we are going to need them. The Full Moon in Scorpio sets off a period of transformation, as Eclipse Season begins shortly thereafter. Eclipses tend to nudge us along our Karmic path, which is great, but doesn't always feel that way when we are either pushed to let go of what doesn't belong on that path, or step out of our comfort zone.

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Sending full moon blessings x

Artwork by @cosmiccreationsbycarly

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