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Reflections for the Full Moon in Gemini: Finding the Truth amongst the Information

I took a little hiatus from writing my blog posts: real talk, I kept forgetting. Is is a coincidence that where I appear to have left off was on the New Moon in Gemini and I am now picking it back up on the Full Moon in Gemini? Or that as an Aquarius rising Gemini is in my 5th house of creativity? You tell me!

The Full Moon in Gemini arrives on 19 November at 2.34pm AEST at 27 degrees.

Gemini is all about information and duality: understanding that there are many different sides, not only to a story, but to our entire being because we are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional reality.

This can create confusion, because our society likes division and separateness and neat little boxes. We are taught to be one thing and one thing only, identify as one or the other, and only show certain sides of us that are coherent with these labels.

For example, that you have to dress or act a certain way or be spiritual and so we think we have to choose. But we don't. Because there is so much more to us. Every part of us exists at the same time and creates our being. AND we are all of those characters.

Both the sun and the moon are in a tense aspect to watery Neptune which at its highest asks us to connect to own own truth and divinity while remembering unity consciousness: that we are all the same person living a different life.

Reflection questions:

~ Where are you being asked to examine the truth amongst the information? What details don’t add up?

~ What parts of you do you hide or disown your many sides in order to fit in? How does this show up in your lived experience?

Sending you Full Moon blessings x


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