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PSA: Pluto Transits

Hello beautiful souls,

I wanted to put together a blog post off the back of my Youtube video on Pluto Transits to break it down into heading, and also provide the transit dates for everyone with placements in Capricorn.

This has come up for me because I've had Pluto transiting my sun and I've recently lived through that experience...just.

And after noticing what other people close to me with Capricorn Sun were going through I started to put the pieces together that this is a Thing. I mean, obviously it is a thing but we don't often get this kind of information. Pluto is a very slow moving planet and not many people will experience a Pluto sun transit.

So, naturally, I decided to do a case study! I spoke with people who had their Sun in Capricorn, or their AC (Capricorn Rising), DC (Cancer Rising), MC (Aries Rising), or IC (Libra Rising) in Capricorn to deal specifically with Pluto conjuncting and directly touching the sun or the angles. Pluto will make other aspects to planets or angles in Capricorn, so this information might also help other signs and give you some context.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, fear not. I have made this video showing you how to pull up your birth chart.

You can see which degree a planet or angle is in the table on the left hand side. Note that the DC is directly opposite the AC so it's the same degree, just as the IC is directly opposite the MC and also the same degree.

What is Pluto about?

In Astrology, all the planets in the sky are archetypal characters. The archetype of Pluto is the Shaman. He initiates us. He gives us the medicine we need, whether or not we want it or ask for it. Plutonian themes are all about death, rebirth, and transformation. It is where we go into the deep deep darkness and emerge to rise the phoenix.

But the phoenix doesn't just have a bad day and then take a shower and feel better. No, the phoenix sets herself on fire, burning everything to the ground to start again from ground zero. Transformation is never a walk in the park, but you do get used to it and you increase your ability to see the bigger picture and to recognize the initiation that you're going through.

Pluto is also connected to Scorpio energy and also the 8th house. These energies go deep. People with alot of Scorpio energy can't deal with superficial trivialities (where are my Scorpio rising at, because you folks HATE small talk, I see you). They will go to all the places that others dare not tread. They love secrets and taboo: whether that's wanting to talk about trauma or engaging with or dealing with life and death. I find these placements have jobs that other people are afraid to go (like deep mining) or might find macabre like being a coroner, or a death doula.

Because of this, and the way that society conditions us that these topics are dark and secret, and that there are a million and one things to feel shame about and keep secret, most of us aren't very good at dealing with this stuff, so Pluto can be intense.

Pluto is a very very slow moving planet: it takes 284 years to transit the earth and the entire zodiac wheel. So this is this is not even a once in a lifetime transit this is a once in a three lifetime transit . The people who experience this in their lifetime have very specifically been chosen to experience this and to experience whatever this transit has to offer them. This is also why it's so important to me to share this information and this experience and why I want to put this out. These transits are intense and dark and heavy. But you aren't alone. Everything that happens astrologically is part of your soul map. Your soul chose to come into your earth body at this particular time with these planetary alignments (this is my belief, take what resonates and leave the rest).

Even though I'm an Astrologer, the way I approach Astrology isn't to look at what the planets are doing every single day. I find that that takes so much power away from how people are living their day-to-day life by getting seriously anxious about retrogrades, putting things on hold, and not just Living Life. I prefer to approach it as a tool for empowerment, to know what to expect as they relate to you, but also to validate your experiences. So we talk about the planets when we talk about them and the rest of the time we live our life. This is what I want for you, and this is what I want for me.

This Pluto transit is most relevant for you if you are:

Capricorn Sun = Pluto transit to Sun

Capricorn Rising = Pluto transit to AC

Cancer Rising = Pluto transit to DC

Libra Rising = Pluto transit to IC (most likely)

Aries rising = Pluto transit to MC (most likely)

I will explain the AC, IC, DC, and MC in a moment.

You can check the dates of your transits at the bottom of this page.

In 2023 Pluto enters into Aquarius and will impact you if you are a: