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Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus : The Final Instalment

The partial lunar eclipse in Taurus arrives on Sunday 29 October at 6.42 am AEST.

This is the final eclipse on the Taurus - Scorpio Axis which will finalise the story that has been playing out for you in these areas of your chart/life since November 2021. Since this time, something has been shedding or releasing from the area of your chart/life that contains Scorpio and moving your towards something in the area of your chart/life that contains Taurus.

What has transpired over this time and what feels like a final release or instalment in this story? If this was all one big karmic plan, what would be the learnings here?

We have both the sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus squaring Pluto in Capricorn making a T-Square aspect. These is no doubt going to be unearthing, and revelations as this chapter draws to a close and we are invited to embody the energy of Cancer when it all gets too much; the archetypal mother to all, taking care of those in needs. Sometimes that means a softer approach, other times that means standing up for what's right, and other times still, retreating back to the nest. Just remember, that behind every evil, is a hurt child that never had its needs met and, to an extent, that child exists in all of us.

We also have the Moon and Jupiter are conjunct in Taurus and opposing the Sun, Mercury and Mars, all conjunct in Scorpio. This is where we go deep, get real, and commit to speaking our truth, even when it's uncomfortable - the temporary discomfort will be well worth it from what comes when you stand by your own values.

Find out which areas of your life these are showing up and what it means for you in my free PDF guide to rising signs and working with the moon.

Sending love and Eclipse blessings.

x Eloise

Artwork by @moonjube


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