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New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse: Relax, it's only a ride ;)

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus arrives on 1 May at 6.28 am AEST.

Eclipses move us along our karmic path; while they can feel like a tower moment of comings and goings, the comings are karmic opportunities, and the goings are more like the dead weight that is not aligned with where you're going.

I say that like it's no big deal, but it doesn't make these things any less painful or tumultuous. Just know that it is moving you in to bigger and better things.

There is a very strong pull at the moment for us to claim our dreams, step one foot on the path, and say yes to our karmic direction that we feel deep within our soul (even if our logical mind has other ideas). The alternative is to stay safe in the familiar, and as I write this all I can think of is the line from the wild woman poem by Alison Nappi:

If you want to be safe, go back to your tiny room - the night sky is not for you.

It's a choice. And there is never a right or wrong choice, just lessons and experiences. So if you are ready for something new and magical, I invite you to step out into the stars.

Whatever it is you're facing right now might be especially related to the Zodiac Axis of this current eclipse cycle which I talk about for each sign in this video.

Youtube horoscopes are up! Sending you love and New Moon Blessings

x Eloise

Artwork by @Novraka

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