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New Moon in Taurus Astrology : A Lesson in Pleasure and Perseverance

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus arrives on 20 May at 1.53 am AEST.

We are now post eclipse season and mercury retrograde (which happened in Taurus) and you might be feeling a little bit razzled, dazzled, and bedrazzled. And now we have the new moon in Taurus!

This is the first time we've been able to set our intentions since early 2021, if you share the view not to set intention or manifest during eclipse season, and if you don't, you do you!). We still have one more eclipse in Taurus in November, wrapping up the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle. How has the part of your chart/life evolved since early 2021? And in what direction are you setting your sails? If you aren't sure what part of your chart this is happening, I've made a PDF summarising the houses for each rising sign that you can grab here as a beta version to something much more comprehensive I'm working on!

With this new moon, we have FIVE planets in Taurus (Jupiter, Mercury Uranus, the Moon, and Sun) plus the North Node. Taurus wants whatever is good, as determined by it and no one else. It goes at its own pace, takes naps, eats its favourite meal every day, because why tf not?! (And there I was wondering why I've been limiting my screen time and cleared my schedule today to take myself on a date, paint, bake, and have been sleeping past 9 am).

Unfortunately, the Things won't accomplish themselves if we get too carried away indulging in pleasures of the senses. What will you get done today? Reward yourself with a little nap or a treat if you have to.

Taurus also knows how to get things done. More on the grind than the hustle, it'll do whatever it takes. If you're feeling this kind of perseverance, how can you make the most of it? And if this is what you're feeling, all work and no pleasure is not what we are put on this earth for, so how can you luxuriate today?

An integrated Taurus knows how and when to do both in equal measures.

We also have the Sun and Moon being trined by Pluto in Aquarius and squared by Saturn in Pisces. What feels tense between these areas of your chart/life AND what is the "old way" versus the "new way"? This is an opportunity to repattern into a new way of being that is going to serve you. You know what's not working, and now it's time to leave it behind.

With Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto in Aquarius, any changes you're trying to make might feel like a struggle, but every choice we make is a subtle move in one direction or another so try not to fixate - something else that the Taurus energy can bring us.

Finally, Saturn in Pisces is trining Venus in Cancer. This is about maturing tastes, maturing relationships, refining values, how we spend our money, and how we connect. How are you relating to any or all of these things?

Jupiter Enters Taurus

Jupiter, the great benefic expander has entered Taurus and will be there until 26 May 2024. I spent the time I had allocated to writing about that making the PDF, but will make an instagram post and blog post later this week. In the meantime, I will just say that Jupiter brings luck, abundance, but also excess so it's a good thing, even if we need to learn to moderate ;) So if you're a keen bean, you can check out the Astrology PDF to see what area of your chart/life Taurus is and what this could possibly mean for you.

Alright! That is it from me, my loves. As always, slide into my inbox if you have anything to share. I'm sending you so much love and New Moon blessings. x Eloise

P.S If you are hungry to learn more about your astrology and working with the moon, you can grab my FREE 53 page PDF guide here


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