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New Moon in Scorpio : A fresh start

new moon in scorpio november 2023

The New Moon in Scorpio arrives on Monday 13 November at 7.27 pm AEST

As we closed out the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle, it was happening in my 4th/10th house, meaning there was a final release around my career and public life and I was feeling every part of it!! But now after navigating that, the energy is fresh, clean, and we can all set intentions in that area of our lives with this New Moon in Scorpio for the first time since October 2022. More on this below.

Comment below what came out of it for you - I would love to know!

With all of this shedding, releasing, and redirecting, I have decided to bring back birth chart readings and have more clarity on where it fits within my purpose and how I can best serve.

It is always such a gift to be able to affirm my client's experience and liberate them to owning who they are instead of fighting to be something they're not.

To celebrate this, I'm giving $50 off when you book before 30 November. If you haven't had a chart reading with me and want one, NOW IS THE TIME TO BOOK. I will be reviewing all my pricing in the new year so get it while it's hot! You can book in here and use code: DISCOVER

Anyway! Back to the astro-happenings..

As we resurrect ourselves from the eclipse transformation that has been taking place in the area of our chart/life containing Scorpio. Something has been shed, released, or transformed and this is the first time we have been able to set intentions in this area of our chart/life since October 2022.

After that whirlwind, what is still here and alive for you?

If the next 12 months were the best they could be, in this area of your life, what would unfold?

How committed are you to forging the path ahead?

With this new moon, we have the Sun and Moon and Mars conjunct in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus: This adds an element of unpredictability, if there is something that still feels unclear or unsettled in the part of your chart containing Taurus, what do you need to be able to move forward decisively despite that uncertainty? Or what is there in this realm that does feel known, safe, and certain? The only thing we can control is how we show up and the choices we make and when we are clear on our values, aligned action comes much easier.

We also have Saturn in Pisces squaring Mercury in Sagittarius: you may want to go bold and direct and point out all the ways that everyone is wrong..... but how or where can you find a little skerrick of kindness and compassion for other people's lived experience?

Sending you love and New Moon blessings.

X Eloise

Artwork by @themeltingamethyst

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