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New Moon in Sagittarius + Solar Eclipse

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

On the 14th/15th December (depending where you are in the world) we have the New Moon in Sagittarius, coupled with a Solar Eclipse. Normally for a new moon I talk about setting intentions, but with Eclipse in the mix, the energy is obstructed, so on this occasion, we will be reflecting and excavating.

Sagittarius is a wanderer, gathering experiences and knowledge as it roams. It knows a lot of stuff about things, but sometimes knowledge leads to assumptions that you've been there and done that, and tarnishes the experience.

"No man steps in the same river twice, for he is not that same man, and it's not the same river."


Life is a collection of experiences, and each experience is new, if we can greet is as a new experience. This means dropping the assumptions and taking on the curiosity of a infant. Touch it. Taste it. Observe the nuances.

The Eclipse in Sagittarius is asking us to look at what we bring to the table without a second thought- beliefs, attitudes and opinions. Given the paradigm shift the world is going through, which of these hold water?

Reflection Questions:

  • Where do you think you have all of the answers, and where could you open your mind to other ideas and other ways?

  • Where are you stuck in your ways and which of these aren’t serving you?

  • What beliefs or programming or conditioning do you go along with, without questioning whether it’s right or true for you?

  • What IS right or true for you?

Mull these over, and they will be ready for you to shed come the Full moon in Cancer on the 29th of December with the theme of a big RELEASE.

FREE New Year Ritual + Clearing Meditation

I am doing a FREE New Year Ritual + Clearing Meditation on Sunday 27th December!

In this Workshop we will be honouring the year that was 2020 and clearing your energy for a fresh start! We will begin with a talk, then I will be giving prompts for reflective journalling so please have something to write with. We will finish with a beautiful energy clearing meditation.

Sending you Cosmic Blessings x

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