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New Moon in Sagittarius : Set Your Sights and Align Yourself Accordingly

New moon in sagittarius

 The New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on 13 December at 9.31 am AEST.


Sagittarius is the teacher, explorer, and truth teller, searching endlessly for truth and meaning, knowledge, and experiences. As the archer, Sag sets its sights on its next goal, achievement, or adventure and goes all in to make it happen. This is what Lights. It. Up.


With this new moon in Sagittarius, we have the Sun, Moon and Mars in Sagittarius encouraging us to set our intentions on what is possible for us over the next 12 months (particularly in the area of your chart containing Sagittarius - if you're not sure, download my free Rising Signs PDF to find out), and gives us a bit of oompf to start aligning ourselves in that direction.


Jupiter in Taurus trines Mercury in Capricorn which is supportive of both strategy and execution, however we also have Neptune in Pisces squaring the sun and moon in Sagittarius; sometimes we can be under an illusion of what we think is possible or spend a lot of time daydreaming without taking action on our goals, or avoid setting them altogether (this is often related to a lack of self trust to make it happen or avoidance of the disappointment of not achieving them).


Remember: the archer doesn't hit its target if it a) doesn't know what it's aiming for, and b) never picks up its bow.


If you use this energy wisely to get clarity and come up with a realistic plan of action and start to follow through on what you can do TODAY (none of this waiting till 1 Jan nonsense!), you will be setting yourself up for a good one!

I've got a few ways I can support you if you're looking to go all in on your vision:

2024 Visioning : A Free Workshop

It's that time again! Join me for my annual Visioning workshop where we acknowledge the year that was, send it off with love, and get clear on our sights for the year ahead.


Thanks to all of the work I've been doing this year, this one is going to be more powerful than ever before and I cannot wait to bring this to you!

Goals + Manifesting Workshop


If you're serious about creating Big Things in 2024, join me for a three-hour deep dive into setting your goals and aligning your energy to call it all in.


During our time together, we will be:


  • Getting clear on your vision - what would make 2024 the best year possible?

  • Setting tangible goals around your vision and an action plan to get there

  • Doing deep work around blocks and limitations

  • Learning the key ingredients to manifestation and how it can support your strategy

  • Ending with a quantum mediation and sound healing

You will leave this workshop with:


  • Clarity on what it is you’re calling in over the next 12 months

  • Insight into what’s getting in the way

  • Tools to move through blocks and resistance

  • A clear practical plan to bring it into reality

  • Manifestation tools that are easy and doable.

  • Confidence that whatever life throws at you over the next 12 months, you’ve got this!

Start the year as you mean to go on:  with clarity, confidence and showing up for yourself and your goals!

Looking for 1 on 1 Support?


Book in a 1 on 1 three hour strategy session where I will support you to:


  • Drop in and connect to your highest timeline

  • Get clarity on your vision and your why

  • Identify what is holding you back from already living this vision

  • Shift any blocks and limitations

  • Develop a strategy to bring it to life, mapping out your next 90 days with clear action steps and milestones




  • 3 hour coaching session

  • A recap email setting out key points and your 90-day strategy

  • 3 month 30 minute follow up


As a Capricorn, these sessions are my JAM and I can't wait to work with you!

Not sure?

Book in a free 15 minute call where we can explore what you need, how I could support you, and whether it’s a good fit.

Got Questions?

Drop me a DM or email @eloise_skye or

Sending you love and New Moon Blessings.

x Eloise

Artwork by @astroccult

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