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New Moon in Pisces : Dream big... and then a little bigger ;)

The New Moon in Pisces arrives on 20 February at 17.05 pm AEST.

Pisces is the dreamer, the artist, the sensitive little fishie, and the martyr. Pisces cannot be contained and must be allowed to flow where the current takes it. Where are you feeling called to around this time?

With this New Moon, we have the Sun and Moon in Pisces conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. Intentions set with this New Moon are for the long run - what's your wildest ambition? How can you tap into your dreams for a better way, and what are the structures that will support YOUR new paradigm? (no one else's)

We also have Mars in Gemini trining Mercury in Aquarius, so your brain might be working overtime thinking about these things, and to some extent we need our intellectual faculties to be online to get behind the bigger vision, but try not to get too carried away in the how; there are cogs that are already turning for you that you couldn't even imagine.

Uranus in Taurus is also squaring Mercury in Aquarius so there might be something coming up around boundaries and saying what you need to say. Maybe you've previously kept quiet and it's time to call some shit out, keeping your eye on your sovereignty and the bigger vision is a helpful way to decide what is worth fighting for.

Sending you so much love and New Moon blessings x

Artwork by @yanasaintlevie

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