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New Moon in Leo : Lead from the Heart, Boldly and with Reckless Abandon

The New Moon in Leo arrives on 29th of July at 3.54 am AEST. Leo is is all about shining bright! Leading with your heart, expressing yourself, and giving no f**ks about what anyone thinks, because we are all here in our uniqueness to do very unique things. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. In the Zodiac chart, Leo rules the 5th house of Self Expression, Creative Energy, Sexual Energy, and Play. It is our inner essence that comes forward that cannot be replicated by anyone else. Your experience of "fun" is experienced by you and only you, even if it's with other people and no one can take any of this away from you. Where can you invite more play? This New Moon is also conjunct the great communicator, Mercury. So how can you express from your heart with this new moon? What wants to emerge? However, Mercury is opposing frosty buzz kill, Saturn in Aquarius so this might feel easier said than done, but how can you step up regardless? Both Mercury and Saturn are squaring Uranus, Mars, and the North Node in Taurus forming a T-Square, this trio is a formidable little combo where anything can happen, and the T-Square brings pressure; likely something to do with self expression, the never ending quest to be more authentic and aligned with our higher selves, but the familiarity of our existing patterns and behaviors feels comfort zone feels pretty damn good, and who needs personal growth anyway? But you know what? Fortune favours the bold and you either win or you learn so roll the dice and see where it lands. The Horoscope for the Collective is up on YouTube

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Sending you love and New Moon blessings.

X Eloise

Artwork by @astroccult


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