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New Moon in Gemini : Sorting Wisdom from Distraction

The New Moon in Gemini arrives on 18 June at 2.37 pm AEST.

Gemini is the messenger. It collects and disseminates information, knowledge is power after all and sharing can be a way of connecting and bringing people together. To the rest of us, Gemini can seems unfocused and scattergun, yet it always knows exactly what is going on.

Whether we realise it or not, we are constantly picking up information and distilling it into our own thoughts and ideas. This New Moon is squaring Neptune in Pisces and asks us to evaluate:

  • What's information noise and what is insight?

  • What ideas are a distraction and what are present and pivotal to where you want to go?

  • What is worthy of the weight or energy you're giving it?

  • What does your inner wisdom tell you about these things ^

  • What choices are you making and what are serving your goals and intentions; in every single moment we are making a choice. Where we spend our resources, time, energy, the thought spirals we engage in, the distractions we allow, the addictions we indulge.

The fun of being an adult is we get to do what every we want, but not everything we want in the moment is in service to our goals. This sounds like Serious Business, but Venus in Leo wants us to remember to have a little fun on the way, much to the chagrin of its square to Jupiter in Aries, but I promise it will make for more effective action when needed.

If you haven't yet grabbed my free PDF on your Rising Sign and working with the moon, you can get it here.

Sending you love and New Moon blessings.

x Eloise

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