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New Moon in Aries : An invitation into a portal of aligned action

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

The New Moon in Aries arrives on 22 March at 3.23 am AEST.

This is the first of two new moons we have in Aries this year; the first being at 0 degrees, and the second being at 29 degrees. This is significant because events at 0 degrees are a fresh new "baby deer" energy that's figuring things out, while events at 29 degrees carry the energy of having been there, done that, and just tying up that one loose end.

With both of these new moons, Aries and Taurus are packed. Aries is the initiation and creative spark, while Taurus is the sustainer that seeing things through. How can you use this intervening 28 day period to start something new and give it the focused intensity that Aries knows so well ESPECIALLY the area of your chart/life that contains Aries. This is prime time to Get Shit Done in areas that feel aligned and for your highest good. With Neptune in Pisces squaring Mars in Gemini, and Pluto in Capricorn squaring Venus in Taurus, the things that we move on that follow the shiny object or are motivated by our core wounds without a true desire are going to fall flat, YET what is fully aligned will bear many fruits.

I would love to hear how you're going to make the most of this window.

If you want some elaboration on how the houses relate to each other, I've got you covered in this post here.

I am sending you so much love and new moon blessings!

x Eloise

Artwork by @woman.rising


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