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New Moon in Aquarius Ritual + Mercury Retrograde

Each New Moon sets a new 12 months cycle in the house of your chart (area of your life) it is occurring.

The New Moon in Aquarius arrives on 12th February at 5:05 am AEST* and will occur in the following area, depending on your Rising/Ascendant Sign: Aries Rising ~ House XI ~ Friends, Network + Community Taurus Rising ~ House X ~ Career + Public Life Gemini Rising ~ House IX ~Quest for Purpose, Meaning, Learning + New Experiences Cancer Rising ~ House VIII ~ Shared Resources, Intimacy + The Psyche Leo Rising ~ House VII ~ Committed Partnerships Virgo Rising ~ House VI ~Daily Life, Rituals, Your Body Libra Rising ~ House V ~ Sex, Creative Projects, Children Scorpio Rising ~ House IV ~ Home + Family Life Sagittarius Rising ~ House III ~ Thoughts, Ideas + Communication Capricorn Rising ~ House II ~ Assets + Resources Aquarius Rising ~ House I ~ The Self, How You Present + Perceive the Outside World Pisces Rising ~ House XII ~ Your Internal World, Spirituality

This area of your life is going to be a BIG theme for you this year, and is currently undergoing a review, thanks to Mercury Retrograde.

If you know your rising sign, does this resonate?

Retrograde until the 21st, Mercury is asking you to pause and retreat and review your communications and how you're getting things across in that area of your life.

With all the other energies happening at the moment, this is a time to focus on the inward journey, and cull as much outside noise as possible, so you can review YOUR journey, instead of numbing out on social media and pretending everything is fine..

Honestly, I've been coasting through it, other people, not so much...

Aquarius is in my 1st house of self, and how I move out into the world. Did anyone notice I've had a little rebrand? (which I LOVE) So the retrograde vibes are very much part and parcel with where I'm at anyway (influenced by the other 900 planets in Aquarius), and frankly, I'm just happy Pluto has gotten off my Sun, which was alot of transformation, rebirth, and ego death (no big deal) to prepare me for this new phase.

Shout out to my fellow Capricorn suns born after the 14th because you're either in it, or about to be. I promise that it is temporary, it will lift, and you'll be better off for it. Reach out if you need to.

Sending you lots of love x

Artwork by @postwook

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