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Mercury Retrograde ⁣ 10 September - 24 October

This is the second time writing this post because I lots the first one soooo it’s going well for me so far!!

Mercury officially goes retrograde from the 10th of September to the 24th of October from 8 degrees of Libra to 24 degrees of Virgo.

Retrogrades are a time to review and revisit, whether we like it or not. Often the energy feels like it’s not quite moving how we expect, or there’s a lot of stop-start and it’s hard to get momentum, and other times it’s just a complete cluster F

But all of these transits and energies that we feel [you will likely feel this more if you in your birth chart that will be aspected… and if you don’t, there’s always next time ;) ] offer us an opportunity to reflect on what is and isn’t working, what part we play when things don’t go according to plan, and many many many lessons in surrender.⁣

Mercury in Libra just wants to connect and have a good time and make friends. Mercury in Virgo is practical, responsible, and very very very detailed in its communication, covering all bases and then some. Intellectually it has powerful discernment and analytical skillz.⁣

This movement from Libra back to Virgo signals something that we have to go back and take care of, even though you’re having a goodtime and that seems like a buzzkill.⁣

Like you’re heading out to a party and you’re super excited and then realise you should probably get fuel on the way there… I mean, you could risk it, but in these times I’d advise not to!! Because Mercury also rules travel ;)

Or if your going on holiday and are planning all of your outfits or daydreaming about your adventures instead of double checking your itinerary is locked down and sorted.

If this resonates and there’s something that you thought you’d moved on from that’s calling your attention back, going and processing it or taking care of it might seem dull or unnecessary, but once it’s down you will be able to move forward back into the vibes without it hanging over you.⁣

Take care of yourselves out there.

x Eloise

Artwork by @hheininge


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