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Kick your 2023 goals before the year is over

hit your 2023 goals before the year is over.  free goals tool

Did you have big goals for 2023 but now that it's September you're feeling like it's a write off and 2024 will instead be your time to shine?


Ask yourself:

Can I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is true?

Do this for every belief, story, and limitation that crops up for why you can't do the thing.

And if the answer is yes, ask yourself one more time.

You will find that no, you can't. Because nothing is certain and anything is possible. Your life can change in an instant. You could meet the partner of your dreams tomorrow. Or could be “discovered” and get some kind of million dollar opportunity.

I truly believe those things are possible for me.

Do you believe they're possible for you?

So often, instead of flirting with possibility and potential, we put ourselves in a cage of limitations based on the time or resources we have available to us and that what stops us from taking action and seeing the opportunities that are right in front of us.

If you don't believe something is possible for you, you will never show up in a way where it is possible for you. And they will only be possible for you if you're actually in the arena.

Not hiding. Not playing small. Not saying f*** it, I’ll wait till 2024.

There will always be reasons and excuses for why it’s “not the right time”, but have you ever regretted doing something earlier? Or later? And on your deathbed, are you going to say “I’m so glad I put all those things off”.

Only you can make that call, but do it with conviction.

And that's really why I'm writing this: to call you forward to make a decision about how the rest of your year is going to play out.

From this point forwards, the year moves quickly, that is facts. But it's not too late to kick the goals you set, or create some new ones and bring them home to roost.

So what do you choose?

To coast out the rest of 2023, set new goals with the new year and see how you go?

Or claim the last quarter as Your Time To Shine?

If you're ready to go out with a bang, I've created a free tool that's designed to give you clarity and strategy to Get It and it's available here.

Or maybe you have clarity, you've been taking action, but you’re still struggling to really go for what you want.

This is often what happens because honestly, going for our goals isn't easy. Most of us have deeper underlying subconscious blocks, patterns, and limitations that get in the way and this is what I address with my clients as a coach.

However, I recognize that not everyone can invest in working with me 1 on 1, which is why I’ve created a new live 90-day group program to support you to really go for it.

What could you achieve if you went all in for 90 days?

When you crush self doubt, feel safe to be seen and ask for what you want, move through fear and resistance with grace and ease, and kiss procrastination goodbye.

If you’re an immediate f**k yes, you can find out all the details here.

Nothing I have ever created has felt more alive or aligned and I cannot wait to guide you towards the same kind of expansion.

All my love,

X Eloise

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