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Jupiter in Taurus Horoscopes : Gifts, Blessings, and Opportunities Abound

On 17 May 2023, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, good fortune, generosity, confidence, and spirituality entered Taurus.

It will be here until 26 May 2024.

When Jupiter enters a new area of our chart, it stays for approximately 12 months and once it leaves, it won't be back for another 12-ish years. Jupiter helps us to be big and bold, learn from our mistakes and turn our fails into wins. It gives us a little pep in our step, turns abundance into overflow, and is a little blessing for the area of our chart that it's gracing with its presence.

Jupiter gives us hope, and when we do our work, we can capitalise on its favour. When we don't do our work and rely too heavily on it bringing its bounty, our hope is misplaced, our fortune squandered, or we don't even see the gifts and opportunities that lay in front of us. Find out what it means for you in your Jupiter in Taurus horoscope below:


Jupiter will be visiting your 2nd House of Assets, Resources, Skills and Talents, and Self Worth.

You are in the financial flow, but if you're not careful, the out-flow can match or exceed the in-flow. How do you want to make the most of these gifts and what expenditure of money, time, and energy will serve you in the long term?


Jupiter will be visiting your 1st House of Self, your body, your appearance, and how you show up in the world.

This is your time to shine; to get out there, do the things, and show TF up. You might feel pulled in many different directions, but prioritising the most logical first steps towards where you want to go will set you up for success.


Jupiter will be visiting your 12th House of your Inner World, Mental Health, and connection to Spirituality and the Unseen.

You might feel unusually reclusive as you turn inwards; this is a time to do your inner work, observing your default thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours, to see what is serving you and what needs to be repatterned. Listen to your inner guidance and don't forget to step our for some air every once in a while.


Jupiter will be visiting your 11th House of Friendships, Community, Networks, the Collective Consciousness, and your Highest Aspirations.

This transit brings an increase to your social activities, network, and opportunities. You can't be in more than one place at once so be mindful of spreading yourself too thin.


Jupiter will be visiting your 10th House of Career, Public Roles, and how you want to be seen and leave your mark on the world.

It is high time for you to be putting yourself out there in the way that you want to be seen. Yes, this can be your career, but if your work isn't your life, maybe it's what you want other people to know you for outside of that. Check in and see what is or isn't aligned for you before you commit.


Jupiter will be visiting your 9th House of Truth, Meaning, Philosophy, Travel, Adventure, Teaching, and Publishing.

Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Or itching to dive into some kind of study? Or perhaps you are publishing something into the world. Whatever it is, go for it because Jupiter loves the 9th house and what could possibly go wrong?!


Jupiter will be visiting your 8th House of Shadow Work, Intimacy, Secrets, Debt, Shared Money, Taboo, and Initiation.

Opportunities might come up for you to either share with others, be a beneficiary, or both. When we feel unworthy, it's easier to give than receive, and when we feel entitled we can forget to be grateful for what we are given; how do you relate to your situation?


Jupiter will be visiting your 7th House of Committed Partnerships; both Romantic, Professional, and Long-Term friends.

This is a blessing to your partnerships, but don't forget to keep time for yourself.


Jupiter will be visiting your 6th House of Daily Life, Routine, Responsibility, Health and how you take care of yourself.

You might find that you hit your stride in terms of your routine, work life, and taking care of yourself; moving your body, drinking water, getting enough sleep.... it really does work wonders.


Jupiter will be visiting your 5th House of Self Expression, Fun, Sex, Creativity, and Children.

This is a vibe for dating, fun and sexy times. You might also feel more in touch with creative projects as they spring forth seemingly our of thin air. Ride the waves, but if you get too caught up in letting the good times roll, the Universe will surely remind you.


Jupiter will be visiting your 4th House of Home (both your physical home and ideas about what home is), Safety, Family, and Ancestry.

You might experience harmonious family relationships, a change in your domestic situation, purchase property, or feel called to nest; all of which will give you a greater sense of ease and wellbeing.


Jupiter will be visiting your 3rd House of Thoughts, Ideas, Communication, and Inner Wisdom.

Move over, Imposter Syndrome! This is the time for getting in touch with your inner wisdom, knowing that what you have to share is worthy, and putting it out there. Nothing good comes from an echo chamber and the world needs to hear your unique perspective and ideas.

Artwork by @Moonjube

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