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How do you manage your finances according to your Astrology?

As always, Astrology isn’t just about sun signs, but these breakdowns can give you insight into how you might manage your financial affairs. If you know your chart, look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, as well as any other signs were you have three or more planets. For example, my dominant signs are Capricorn, Aquarius, Cancer, and Sagittarius and they all show up in different ways :)


Aries are known to be impulsive and value instant gratification: if they want something, they will get it. Luckily they also have the drive and determination to bring whatever they set their sights on into reality and even when they over spend, it never takes long to get back into the green.

They value their independence and won’t want to rely on others for money or intermingle their financial affairs.


Taurus understands work, understands value, and most of all, Taurus understands QUALITY. Taurus works hard and is known for their stability so will work and build on their finances steadily.

Although they aren’t materialistic, Taurus likes nice things. They also value comfort and sensory pleasures and will buy the best quality of what they can afford when it comes to daily life and experiences such a quality sheets, fine dining, and luxury vacations.


Geminis LOVE information. When it comes to big purchases, they need all of the information and will spend hours researching so that they can make sure they are getting the absolute best and nothing less. Despite their research skills, once their instant gratification wears off they tend to second guess their decisions and end up with buyer’s regret when a newer model comes out.

Chatty Gemini are often early adopters and will be keen to show off their latest gadgets and tell you all the specs.

When it comes to saving money or investing, they will most likely diversify their assets but will spend alot of time and energy making sure they are maximising their returns.


Cancer is the nostalgic nurturer of the zodiac, they value home, family, connection, and friends. They will spend their money on gifts for others and homewares to fluff their nest.

When it comes to saving money, Cancer doesn’t need large amounts, as long as they havea comfortable home to retreat to.

Interestingly, due to Cancer’s nurturing qualities they often gravitate toward professions that involve taking care of other people such as hospitality, service, or health.


As the star of the Zodiac, only the best will do for Leo! Even if this results in spending beyond their means… This playful sign loves a good time and won’t scoff at paying a premium price or high ticket items. A piece of them would die at the thought of them being thought to be stingy, which they absolutely aren't - their big hearts make them generous when it comes to shouting friends and family to join the fun.


Virgos are incredible discerning, meaning that they won't spend money for the sake of it. As an earth sign, they have a consistent approach to work and money and meeting their financial goals. You can expect them to have a detailed budget and to know exactly what’s going in and what’s coming out. Whilst they aren’t a scrooge, they refuse to spend money on things that are unnecessary or without practical use.


Libra values connecting with others and enjoying life! Being ruled by Venus, Libra also likes nice things and it likely to spend their money on anything and everything that they like such as art, experiences, clothes, skin care, their home, dining and experiences. If that seems like a broad spectrum, that’s because it is! At the end of the day, Libra just wants to live in a world of peace, harmony, and beauty. However, this fluid approach can mean they get swept up in spending without checking their bank balance.


Mysterious Scorpio really needs to be in control of their finances. Because of this, they aren’t likely to rack up a tonne of debt and will spend their money wisely and within their means. Scorpio is generous and wants to share what they have. The commitment of sharing money in the form of a joint bank account is the ultimate relationship goals.


The quintessential explorer, Sagittarius values experiences over things and will always be planning out their next grand adventure. While they are quite happy to slum it, they also won’t say no to 5 star experience.

When it comes to saving money, as long as they have enough to fund their endless quest for experiences they will be happy.


Capricorns are notorious for being good with money, and it’s no wonder because they are also known for their hard work and methodical approach to working toward and reaching their goals.

They love money to the point of hoarding it, and if their bank account is even close to their “safety net” (which is likely to have multiple 0s on the end of it), they will get cold sweats.


Aquarius is a bit of a maverick in that they march to the beat of their own drum. They value advancing humanity through innovation and tend to not think much of or about money, to the point of, “who invented this system anyway?!”

Their focus on the collective and humanitarian pursuits can impact their personal financial stability, yet the more money they have, the more they will be able to give.


Dreamy Pisces tend to be very creative and talented in artistic and spiritual pursuits which can lead them down the path of “starving artist”. Because they are very energetically sensitive, they may spend alot of their money on healings and spiritual work to keep them centred. While they aren’t money focused, they always seem land on their feet with the mantra, “Money comes, money goes. Sometimes you have a little, sometimes you have a lot”.

Comment below if this resonates!

Artwork by @cosmiccreationsbycarly

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