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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio : Closing a Karmic Chapter

Updated: Jun 4

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees of Scorpio arrives on 6 May at 3.34 am AEST.

I went into detail about the significance of eclipses and the nodes last time, and this particular eclipse is the final South Node Eclipse in Scorpio until 4 November 2040 so it's a very significant closing of a chapter. It offers us an opportunity to clear the karmic decks, move into greater alignment, and get on board with our soul's journey in this lifetime.

Also, notice how this Taurus/Scorpio eclipse story is segwaying into the Aries/Libra eclipse story as the axes relate to each other (note that the nodes move clockwise and the planets counter-clockwise so for example, you will be moving from the 10th/4th house axis to the 9th/3rd).

Now, for the finer details:

The Full Moon and South Node in Scorpio are opposing the Sun, South Node, and Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. Scorpio wants to shed and transform and will ruthlessly burn everything to the ground in order to be born again, and isn't afraid to venture to the darkest depths that most would rather bypass, in order to see what treasure can be found.

Taurus, on the other hand, wants to hold on to safety, the status quo, but safety is an illusion and the only real safety is that which we source from within that cannot be taken away. Mercury's retrograde through Taurus has been asking us to review and reconsider our relationship to values, safety, money, things, comfort, and the things to do with the house/area of your life this is happening. It's proximity to the eclipse invites us to delve a little deeper, while also looking at the bigger picture of what all this means in the context of your own Scorpio/Taurus eclipse story.

The moon in Scorpio also trines Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces; what is it that you really want? And what do you need to do, be, or release to make it happen? Mars in Cancer is squaring Jupiter in Aries and isn't the best energy for making things happen, but our emotions point us to both our healing and our desires. Trust in both.

ARIES RISING - HOUSE VIII - Shadow Work, Intimacy, Secrets, Debt, Shared Money, Taboo, and Initiation

TAURUS RISING - HOUSE VII - Committed Partnerships; romantic, work, and/or long-term friends

GEMINI RISING - HOUSE VI - Daily Life, Routine, Responsibility, Health and how you take care of yourself

CANCER RISING - HOUSE V - Self Expression, Fun, Sex, Creativity, and Children.

LEO RISING - HOUSE IV - Home (both your physical home and ideas about what home is), Safety, Family, and Ancestry.

VIRGO RISING - HOUSE III - Thoughts, Ideas, Communication, and Inner Wisdom

LIBRA RISING - HOUSE II - Assets, Resources, Skills and Talents, and Self Worth

SCORPIO RISING - HOUSE I - Self, your body, your appearance, and how you show up in the world

SAGITTARIUS RISING - HOUSE XII - Inner World, Mental Health, and connection to Spirituality and the Unseen

CAPRICORN RISING - HOUSE XI - Friendships, Community, Networks, the Collective Consciousness, and your Highest Aspirations

AQUARIUS RISING - HOUSE X - House of Career, Public Roles, and how you want to be seen and leave your mark on the world

PISCES RISING - HOUSE IX -Truth, Meaning, Philosophy, Travel, Adventure, Teaching, and Publishing

I'm sending you love and Full Moon blessings.

x Eloise

Artwork by @daniellenoelle

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