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Full Moon in Virgo : What's Calling For Your Discernment?

The Full Moon in Virgo arrives on 24 February at 10.30 pm AEST.


Virgo is known at the virgin, but what this actually means is "she unto herself", meaning that she belongs to herself and no one else. Virgo is not easily swayed into someone else's story because she sees the whole picture and knows what is and is not for her. If you know any Virgos (or have strong Virgo placements yourself), you might have noticed there is a strong "that's not for me" vibe with anything they feel isn't in alignment with them.


What is calling for your discernment? Where are you leaking time, energy, or resources on things that will not provide a harvest?


With this Full Moon, the Moon is in Virgo opposing Saturn, Mars, and Mercury conjunct in Pisces. The latter three planets in the mystical water sign are giving practical Virgo a run for its money, as we are more drawn into daydreaming and whiling away the hours than implementing a plan and taking action (I'm feeling called out here lol).


Mars and Venus are currently conjunct in Aquarius and are squaring Jupiter in Taurus. I spoke about the conjunction above, and with a tense aspect to Jupiter in Taurus, there's an unwillingness to shake up the status quo; even if the idea and intention is there, there's a resistance to putting our money where our mouth is and actually doing things a different way.


Jupiter in Taurus is also trining the Moon in Virgo, so perhaps just focus on the steps you can take and how an exercise of Marie Kondo-ing your life will pave a new way forward in itself, without requiring you to resolve all of your patterns, programming and conditioning in one fell swoop and become a completely different person.


To see how this is specifically playing out for you, download my Rising Signs and Working With The Moon PDF guide or comment if you have any questions!

Sending you love and Full Moon blessings

x Eloise

Artwork by @moonjube


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