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Full Moon in Sagittarius : Searching for Truth while honouring what we already know

The Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon in Sagittarius arrives on 4 June at 13.41 pm AEST.

Sagittarius is the teacher, explorer, and truth teller, searching endlessly for truth and meaning, knowledge, and experiences.

As always with a full moon, the sun is in Gemini opposing the Moon in Sagittarius. Gemini and Sagittarius is the axis of knowledge; the knowledge that we seek outside of ourselves, and the knowledge we hold within. The Moon is trining mars in Leo and there's part of us that wants to just get out and do it, but the knowledge axis creates a push and pull of your own ideas, imposter syndrome, overwhelm and existentialism. Reading more books, sign up to more courses might feel like an antidote to that niggling feeling that you don't know enough, but you will never feel like we know enough if we don't honour what it is that you already DO know.

Sagittarius, as the archer, sets its sights on its next goal or achievement so you might be feeling like you want to learn more, experience something, travel, or teach in the area of your chart where Sagittarius is situated, but be discerning whether that's coming from a place of expansion or lack. The Sun and Moon are also forming a T-Square to Saturn in Pisces, so what distractions do you need to eliminate to bring this achievement to life?

We can often look outside of ourselves to get a sense of certainty or safety, but when nothing is certain, anything is possible. And the certainty that we perceive in our minds is nothing but an illusion; one that’s reinforced by our routine of “normalcy”, but no one ever knows what’s around the corner and it’s buying into this illusion that makes it so jarring when something does spring up. Never mind what anyone else is doing, it's your life, your truth, and your experiences. Neptune in Pisces trines Venus in Cancer that brings in cosmic guidance to your inner world IF you let it.

Sending you love and Full Moon blessings.

x Eloise

Artwork by @hheininge

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