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Full Moon in Pisces : What are you prepared to do to bring your dreams to life?

The Full Moon in Pisces arrives on 11 August at 11.35 am AEST.

Pisces is the dreamer, the artist, the sensitive little fishie, and the martyr.

Pisces cannot be contained and must be allowed to flow where the current takes it. Where are you dreaming of around this time?

The sun is in practical, earthy Virgo sitting opposite Pisces. This pair offer us the spectrum of details, to do lists, analysis, critiquing, service, and responsibility balanced with flow, intuition, creativity, emotions, and compassion.

You may feel pulled more in one of these directions, but the challenge is to allow yourself to dream, flow, and create, while backing it up with implementation. Virgo is about those small consistent actions that are of service to your goals and your dreams.

What are you prepared to do to bring your dreams to life? Are you willing to tackle your best excuses, your biggest doubts, and your most indulgent procrastination?

It is a time where our desires and our action (or lack of) are illuminated as we realise that every action that we take or don't take has a profound impact on whether we quantum leap into the next level or stay exactly as we are because we have kept out dreams and desires in the realm of fantasy without backing it up with action. Saturn is conjunct the moon in Pisces and there is a feeling of restriction or limitation - perhaps about what is available to you right now or in the future:

What stories are you telling yourself about why you can't?

Why you shouldn't?

And why it's not the right time?

If you're ready to make big moves and bring 2023 home with a bang, check out my free Goal Digger workbook containing some of my best tools to get clarity and strategy to move forward.

Or maybe you have clarity, you've been taking action, but you’re still struggling to really go for what you want. This is often what happens because honestly, going for our goals isn't easy. Most of us have deeper underlying subconscious blocks, patterns, and limitations that get in the way and this is what I address with my clients as a coach.

However, I recognize that not everyone can invest in working with me 1 on 1, which is why I’ve created a new live 90-day group program to support you to really go for it.

What could you achieve if you went all in for 90 days?

When you crush self doubt, feel safe to be seen and ask for what you want, move through fear and resistance with grace and ease, and kiss procrastination goodbye.

If you’re an immediate f**k yes, you can find out all the details here.

We start on 16/17 September, depending where you are in the world.

One thing I know for sure is that nothing I have ever created has felt more alive or aligned and I cannot wait to guide you towards the same kind of expansion.

All my love and Full Moon blessings,

X Eloise

Artwork by @daniellenoel


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