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Full Moon in Libra : Striking Balance Between The Self + The Other

Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

We are in Eclipse season and things are about to get weirder and wilder.

From what I'm hearing a lot of breakups are happening and swift changes in direction, which is what Eclipse season is really about (more on that below).

If you can relate and you're having a hard time remind yourself that everything is happening for you, not to you.

And if that sounds like psychospiritual nonsense and you actually want some practical tools, check out my YouTube video on how to stop being triggered when you're feeling off centre.

The Full Moon in Libra arrives on 25 March at 5:00 pm AEST.

This Full Moon is an eclipse, and with eclipses comes a hefty dose of karmic shifts as they propel us closer to our purpose and steer us clear from what in our lives is misaligned. I wrote an Instagram post about them and where it's happening in your chart as we are now in the Libra/Aries eclipse axis.

  • What in your life are you being asked to let go of?

  • What are you feeling called to move towards?

The Libra/Aries axis speaks to the self versus the other; the balance of the needs of others against our own, diplomacy versus directness, marinating versus action, who we are on our own and who we are in partnership.

With this full moon, we have Pluto in Aquarius trining the Moon in Libra while the Sun in Aries sextiles it. Thinking about the themes of Libra and Aries I've just outlined, how do they land with you? Do you feel like you are able to strike a balance between those things? Or does something need to shift or transform to enable you to hit the fulcrum? Sometimes our energy is required to prioritise one thing over the other, but balance is how we are able to maintain both sides of the equation in a way that is sustainable in the long run.

We also have the North Node, Chiron and Mercury conjunct in Aries which gives me the feeling that some of y'all need to have touch conversations, or re-evaluate your position on something or how you do things. This is an opportunity to pony up and invest in your karmic path that will most certainly pay dividends by aligning you to what you truly want.

Saturn and Venus are both conjunct in Pisces, while Venus in Pisces also sextiles Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. There is something about your relationships/connections or your ability to relax and let go or receive and experience pleasure and play (these things might all be related in your situation) that feels stunted, heavy going, confusing, or is absorbing more energy than it should.

  • What is the lesson here?

  • What can you do to ground yourself so that you can lighten things up, let go a little, and give in to trusting the process? No amount of daydreaming is going to do the heavy lifting for you.

Meditation To Rediscover Who You Are

Something that has come up quite a bit in my Insight Timer Lives is the fear of or real life occurrence of losing ones self. In response to this, I've created a meditation to help you to reconnect to your self, the parts of you that just are, without the labels, stories, conditioning, or any need for approval because you are perfect, worthy, and lovable, just the way you are.

You may wish to do this as a meditation, or as a journaling exercise.

Alright, my loves! That is it from me. As I said, I would love to know how you're doing, and whether or not you get in touch, just know that I am sending you so much love and Full Moon blessings.

x Eloise

Artwork by @Astroccult

P.S If you're looking for extra help, here are three ways I can support you:

Head to the resources section of my website and have a gander at the smorgasbord of free downloads I have available.

Join me live on Insight Timer this week to unpack how to embody the healthy masculine within (however you gender identify)

Check out my YouTube video on How To Get Unstuck


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