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Full Moon in Libra : Finding the balance between the Self and the Other

The full moon in Libra arrives on 17 April at 4:55 am AEST.

Libra is about connecting and relating to others, harmony, but also justice and balance. Ruling the 7th house in the zodiac wheel, and opposing the sun in Aries which rules the 1 st house, the full moon in Libra it speaks to the eternal struggle of maintaining our identity and independence in relationships while still making the compromises that are necessary to be in partnership.

The sun and the moon are also squaring Pluto in Capricorn - what structures are in place to support or hinder this balance?

What transformation of journey have you undergone in relation to your boundaries and maintaining you identity and sense of self?

What needs to be released to solidify this process?

This will also show up in the areas of your chart/ life where these planets. You can find out more in your Youtube Horoscope

Sending you so much love and full moon blessings x

Artwork by @hheininge


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