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Full Moon in Libra : Finding Balance and Forgiveness

The Full Moon in Libra arrives on 6 April at 14.34 pm AEST.

Opposing the Sun in Aries, the Full Moon in Libra signifies the struggle to find balance between the self and the other; if we are too far into hyper-independent Aries, there's no room for anyone else, but if we are too far into the connection that Libra craves, we completely lose ourselves.

This Full Moon asks us what role partnerships have in our goals; whether that be in a collaborative sense, asking for support, or romantic. I myself am guilty of jettisoning romantic relationships as I create my life on my terms, but what if partnership is the thing that will move everything forward for me?

Pluto in Aquarius squares Mercury in Taurus, asking us to examine our long-held beliefs. With Saturn in Pisces is making an exact-ish trine mercury in taurus, there's a vibe of becoming more involved or concerned with the collective and moving away from self interest and the shadow aspects of the ego. We can still be self interested, but alot of the petty bs that we hold onto is because our egos can't see outside of ourselves and ironically harm us the most. Who or what are you holding onto that you can release with forgiveness? Resistance will inevitably come up (Mars in Cancer trining Saturn in Pisces), but the treasures on the other side are immeasurable.

Remember: the more we hold on to fixed ways of thinking and being and stories about right/wrong, the harder it is be truly free and uplevel into things that are beyond what we could even imagine. AND when things inevitably do shift, you can roll with the tides and enjoy the big sexy mystery of it all.

Two weeks ago I spoke about the first New Moon in Aries as the initiation of a special 28 day cycle supporting you to get things done. How is that going? We are now at the half way point and when we set intentions with the new moon, the following full moon can be a culmination of your intentions.

I'm sending you love and Full Moon blessings

x Eloise

Artwork by @starkissedkate

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