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Full Moon in Gemini : Using Discernment In Times Of Overwhelm

full moon in gemini 2023

The Full Moon in Gemini arrives on Monday 27 November at 7.16 pm AEST. Gemini is the messenger. It collects and disseminates information, knowledge is power after all and sharing can be a way of connecting and bringing people together. To the rest of us, Gemini can seems unfocused and scattergun, yet it always knows exactly what is going on. What information is in your orbit that needs to be collected, integrated, and shared? And what can respectfully be ignored, passed over, or not engaged with? I've just inspired myself to clean up my 700 unread emails lol. With this Full Moon, the Sun and Mars are in Sagittarius opposing the Moon in Gemini and making a T-Square to Saturn in Pisces. This brings up the axis of knowledge, information and overwhelm. When we are consumed by our thoughts, it's impossible to be present. Again, the antidote to this is discernment: what actually needs your attention? What is important for your soul's evolution? What information sources do you trust to guide you? And what is coming up from the past to keep you stuck in old patterns, thought loops, and ways of being? We also have Pluto in Capricorn trining the Moon in Gemini, don't be afraid to do the hard work and get messy as you sort the wheat from the chaff.

Sending you love and Full Moon Blessings.

x Eloise


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