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Full Moon in Capricorn : Mapping Your Path to Success

The Full Moon in Capricorn arrives on 3 July 2023 at 21.38 AEST.

Capricorn is the surefooted mountain goat that slowly, but surely navigates its way to the top, showing us how to Get. It. Done. Capricorn doesn't take short cuts or spend its time on fleeting desires. What it works towards is for the long haul and built to stand the test of time. Ruling the 10th house, Capricorn is about legacy and what we want to be known for, but this has a wider implication for everything that we do.

Who do you want to be?

The Moon in Capricorn is opposing the Sun and Mercury in Cancer. Mercury in Cancer can be avoidant, overly accommodating, stuck in the past, and overly sentimental.

Is there something that just needs to be said?

What would it mean for you if you could just hit it head on or move through it? Less rumination? More progress toward your goals? Just suggestions!

Mercury and the Sun are also trining Saturn in Pisces so this feels like it's related to boundaries, but in a way that isn't so much of a sticky confrontation, but rather an opportunity for you to uplevel for your highest self, reclaim your energy for you and your mission and purpose, rather than sending it all outwards with people pleasing.

There is a saying in Kabbalah that when someone gets to the gates of heaven and is asked what they've done with their lives and they say "everybody loved me", they are given the first ticket to hell; a life without discord is a life unlived because it means you haven't taken a stand for anything. Our purpose here is not to acquiesce, but to grow through the discomfort of dissent.

The Moon also trines Jupiter in Taurus which is supportive of us mustering up the strategy to continue to capitalise on the progress that we've already made, or identify the course corrections that will get us to where we're going.

Mars and Venus, the divine masculine and feminine, the warrior and the lover, are huddled up together in Leo and making a square to Uranus in Taurus. This combination represents balance of masculine and feminine energy, and the ways that you approach tasks and/or partnerships and how that might need a new approach; if you are looking for change, it won't come from continuing in the same patterns.

How can you mix things up?

AND how will you stay accountable to this new way?

Re-patterning doesn't happen over night and is determined on your commitment to staying the course, even when the wheels fall off.

Sending you love and Full Moon blessings.

x Eloise

Artwork by @starkissedkate

P.s If you haven't yet, you can grab your free PDF here on Rising Signs + Working with the Moon that will give you everything you need to decode what this means for you in your chart.

List of Aspects for the Full Moon in Capricorn 3 July 2023

  • Sun in Cancer opposes Moon in Capricorn

  • Sun in Cancer conjunct Mercury in Cancer

  • Sun in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Taurus

  • Sun in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces

  • Moon in Capricorn opposing Mercury in Cancer

  • Moon in Capricorn trining Jupiter in Taurus

  • Moon in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces

  • Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo

  • Venus and Mars in Leo square Uranus in Taurus

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