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Beyond the Surface of International Women's Day - A Call for Genuine Empowerment of Both Sexes

It has been interesting to witness is the commentary around this year's International Women's Day.

Since I've starting actively questioning, well, everything, there is something about it that feels off to me; that it's an excuse to get dressed up for a boozy lunch and "celebrate women's empowerment" while not passing a thought for those women who are still disempowered, marginalised, fighting for their lives.

This year in particular, though, there has been a resistance to it from men. Did you know that there is an international men's day? I mean, it makes sense, but have you ever heard or seen it mentioned?

I know I haven't.

And yet the men who took a stand to point this out were vehemently attacked by women and told to sit down and be quiet because they are the Oppressor and all of our problems stem from them.

When actually, they don't.

They stem from the systems, programming, and conditioning that teaches them from the jump that women are a commodity (not all, but many .. and even if they don't believe they think this, their actions will say otherwise).

They stem from the systems and programming and conditioning that teaches us women that we are commodity and without the validation and attention of a man, we are nothing.

Invalidating, denigrating and bullying men for speaking out on this is toxic behaviour.

Just like it is when they do it to us.

What flows one way equally flows the other, and there is so much to be said about the way we treat each other and the way we are treated by each other.

Women will not feel safe until men stop oppressing them.

Men will not stop oppressing women until they are deconditioned from seeing us as a commodity and hold us in reverence.

Women will not stop denigrating men until they heal their wounded feminine and can equally hold them in reverence.

Both genders are wounded by our systems, conditioning, and programming, and division, and invalidating the other does nothing for anyone.

What would the world and your relationships look like if instead of marinating in victimhood and finger pointing, we do our work individually and collectively to heal and rise together?


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