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Astrology for the New Moon in Scorpio + Upcoming Events

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Mars retrograde is lifting, I have been feeling this for about a week. All that sticky mess of not being able to move forward, having zero energy is fading, so now is a good time to write a little list of what you can do for the rest of the year to set you up for 2021. So we can meet the new year with ease, rather than dread. Your future self will thank you ;)

The New Moon in Scorpio arrives on 15 November at 3:07pm AEST.

Scorpio gets a bit of a bad rap. It can be intense. But it's a yin/yang type situation where intensely "not so good' is balanced out by intensely amazing. Sooner or later. If you can find the lessons. If you can find the transformation. And that's what Scorpio is all about. It will take you to hell and back to show you heaven. This is the hero's journey. This is life.

Scorpio is also about excavating what is secret, what is hidden, and what is uncomfortable.

  • Do you have any secrets you are keeping that you need to air to unburden yourself? No matter how difficult, Scorpio lives for this and you will be rewarded.

  • How about uncomfortable conversations that you're putting off? That person you haven't spoken to for months because it's in the too hard basket. Someone that's pissed you off and maybe they've made an effort but you couldn't deal with it at the time. Is it time to look at these situations in the eye and mend the fence or simply agree to disagree?

  • What stories are you holding onto that no longer serve you? Money blocks, Imposter Syndrome, Destination Addiction, that you are only loveable if you look a certain way, or are successful?

All of this "dirty work" makes way for great transformation. This is the gift of Scorpio, and this Scorpio season will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand.

Gong Baths

I have THREE Gong baths coming up, and each one has a slightly different flavour of magic ;) click the booking link for the full details x

Sunday 29th November

90 min sound immersion

6:30-8pm @ Elements Collective, Fortitude Valley



Saturday 5th December

60 min Yin Yoga + 60 min Sound Immersion

2-4pm @ One Body Studio, The Gap



Saturday 12th December

End of year Ritual + Gong Bath

2-4pm @ The Body Method, Currumbin



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