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A note on Scorpio Season

Scorpio season arrives on 22/23 October, depending where you are in the world.⁣⁣

Scorpio is a sign of depth and transformation. Scorpio wants us to dive down into our inner workings, our secrets, out fears, our triggers, and come out stronger, braver, and more aware. It’s The Work.⁣⁣


With the collective energy right now (fatigue, confusion, irritation, lack of focus and direction), and other planetary aspects, this season is going to show us a lot and uncover a lot, both individually and collectively.⁣⁣


Buckle up! Because shit it going to get even weirder and more intense. BUT for the better. ⁣⁣


Just remember that this work is good for you ;) and whatever breaks was never strong enough or stable enough to survive this journey.⁣⁣

Artwork by @yinshadowz (instagram)

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