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7 Ways to Raise your Money Vibration and Move into Abundance

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Money, Money, Money... something that we deal with every day, but it is a loaded topic, full of conditioned beliefs, and triggers waiting to jump out when we least suspect.

There are plenty of places we can go to get "Financial Advice", on what to do with our money, but what about uncovering our relationship with money and how we think about it?

Because it IS a relationship, and a complex one at that.

We all have different beliefs about money that are strongly imprinted on us from our parents, our upbringing, our culture, and the people we are around, regardless of our financial situation or upbringing. Until we are aware of these beliefs and how they affect us, they are shadows that lurk in our subconscious, holding you back from living in your full potential and living a life of abundance.

Does money stress you out? or cause conflict in your relationships? It's little wonder if it does, we each have such different approaches to our money and how we manage it.

In our Western Culture we are so focussed on the Bling-Bling-Hustle, but is that really what we are striving for? Abundance isn't just money, it's living in alignment and feeling joy, pleasure, and fulfilmentand, I don't think anyone can argue that all those things don't sound like a good time.


What are your beliefs around money?

It's likely that more than one of these will resonate with you, and then some others that I haven't mentioned.

Having money

  • That people that have money are bad, greedy, or selfish

  • That you don’t deserve to have money

  • It's bad to want to have money

The thing is that having money actually allows us to support ourselves and support others, if we choose to.

Making money

  • That you have to work hard to have money

  • If you aspire to have money you’re going to be stuck in an office 60 hours a week

  • That you can’t make money doing what you love, or that if you have a job you love, you have to be broke, or anyone who isn't is being bank rolled by someone, somewhere*

You can make money doing whatever you want, honestly. I took the leap of faith to leave the corporate world and step into work that is aligned with my soul, and it's going pretty well. When you're in alignment, you're excited about what you do, and excited about LIFE, and opportunities show up, more than you could imagine.

Spending money

  • That spending over a certain amount on something is excessive

  • That we don't deserve to buy ourselves things

  • That we have to cling onto our money and save it all for the future

I like quality (hello Taurus in the 4th house), so I might buy things that some consider "expensive" but I buy less things that are quality, rather than lots of random stuff.. ya feel me?

Money is a relationship that we need to cultivate. It’s back and forth like a dialogue, we need to allow it to move, and come and go without clinging on. A relationship that is mindful, one that is supportive.

Raising Your Money Vibration

1. Work out what your beliefs are around money and where they come from

So we can bring them into our awareness and they don't blindside us. Did anyone else ever hear "money doesn't grow on trees"?! Well, yes that is true, obviously. But there is more of it circulating than we think, and our perception of this is based on our own conditioning and experience.

What did you learn about money from your parents? What did they explicitly teach you about money? and what did you learn from observing their behaviour?

2. You have to love it, and you have to appreciate it

Love it and it will love you back. I realise how that sounds, but we often treat it begrudgingly and try to pretend it isn't there.

One practice that I always make time for, is gratitude when I have to buy petrol for my car. Petrol is not fun, or sexy, therefore it is not something I get excited about spending my money on. BUT it is necessary for me to get places, and when I get it, I think to myself how grateful I am that I can afford it, and thank money for residing in my bank account.

You could do this every time you spend money, but I like to just be really intentional about it when I am paying for things that we can all get a little bit grumbly about like petrol, bills, and rent.

3. Spend in alignment with your values

If someone looked at your bank statement from this month, or was following you around spying on you every time you part with cash, what would they conclude about your values based on what you're spending your money on?

For me it's books and workshops and courses, and occasionally eating out with my friends. And that sounds about right for what my values are. I have massively curtailed spending money on stuff that I don't really need, because all those little amounts add up, and fill your house with random bits and pieces.

I nearly bought a scalp massaging hairbrush the other day on instagram ads, but I caught myself in the checkout process. Because I have a good hair brush, AND a Tangle Teezer, AND I DON'T EVEN BRUSH MY HAIR!!!

I would invite you to actually do this in practice and see if it reveals anything- if there is spending that you can identify as mindless, or unnecessary. Even if I never buy another pair of shoes again, I will never have to be barefoot. Honestly.

4. Replace your limiting beliefs with new abundance based beliefs.

  • You are worthy

  • You can have it all

  • The time is now, not in the future

  • It's ok to want it

  • It's ok to have it

5. You need to Keep It Moving

You might have heard people say "money is just energy". And I'm not going to say that, even though I just did.

You need to let it flow freely, rather than clinging on and squirrelling it all away for a rainy day. Rainy day money is good, but loosening the purse strings every once in a while is also good!

If you're like me and run your own business, something that was a game changer for me was investing in other people's courses and workshops. When you become the kind of person that goes to events, courses and workshops, guess what? You attract those kinds of people to YOUR events, courses and workshops. And that's just the icing on the cake. The best part is meeting people, connecting with like minds, learning, and being INSPIRED by what other people are doing.

6. Be immune to other people’s money blocks

A wise man once said,

"haters gonna hate."

And it's true. People will try to project their limiting beliefs onto you, and you've just gotta block it out and stay firm in your beliefs, and your trust in the Universe.

7. Manifesting

With the recent shifts in consciousness, our desires can become our reality alot quicker than traditional manifestation.

This manifestation 2.0 involves embodying what we desire, and the feeling that what we want has already happened.

On a piece of paper, answer the following:

  • Who are you right now? In your work, relationships, behaviours, your limiting beliefs, what is your frequency?

  • What is it you intend to create?

Now imagine the version of you that has everything you want is in the room with you. You can see the, you can converse with them, and they exist right now, not in some future time, but right Now. Feel their energy and vibration. Remember they are there with you all the time, as you get closer and closer to merging with them.

Trust that this is real and has already happened, and that you are merging with this version of you.

Live in your moment, with this version of you beside you, until it becomes reality. Don't worry about the how, just relax, surrender, and trust that it is happening.

And so it is.

Sending you SO much love, and support on your manifestation journey.

x Eloise

P.S If you desire to go deeper on this, check out my Abundance Activation

* I have especially found this, as people tend to be surprised to find out that yes, I'm single, and yes I support myself. We need to cut this archaic sh*t out, people!! No one is coming to finance your dreams, Lady. We each need to take responsibility, and frankly these projections aren't doing anything for feminine empowerment.

Artwork by @hheininge

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